Saturday, February 21, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday to my Angel...

She is soon gonna be ONE... From past so many days I have no other time pass activity apart from going through all her photographs and videos. The day and the moment - still fresh in my memory when I went into the Operation Theatre and when she was born. The first time doctor put her on my chest. I had the most precious gift of my life - I had a Daughter. 

She has become naughty, she tests my patience but all my tiredness and my tension goes up in the air when she 'talks' strangely - roll her tongue and continuously say - laka laka laka laka... When she sleeps, she is the most innocent looking being on this earth... Its looks like the goal of our lives to make her laugh...

I and Mr. Husband have since then only talked about her, thought about her, fought for her. We know that she is not going to remember anything about her First birthday but we want to make it memorable. We have plans and our closest family members are joining us. 

Many more to come and celebrate. I wish her all the happiness, good health and secure world to live in... I wish Navyaa the Very Happy First Birthday (thats not today btw).

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Why do brides and their parents , specially Bride's Father, cry on her Vidaai??!!! 
Personally have got through The Moment and I had my reason - well I was hospitalized for Jaundice few days before my wedding and I felt that I badly screwed up the mood and the event. So, I was kinda sorry for that. 

Having attended 3 weddings in the family in past 2 months and witnessing The Scene recently made me think about it. Why do they cry? 
Parents had always been looking for a suitable match and when they have found one and he is taking their daughter, why cry?? 
Everyone had agreed on the "good" family and the boy, then why cry?? 
It cannot be about the huge hole in the pocket made by wedding arrangements which is hurting them, then why cry?? 
Their daughters have anyways been staying away from them for so many years for studies or job. So why is parting away making them cry now?? 

Its that anxiety which kills them... how will our little princess win over so many expectations which her in-laws will have from her from THIS very moment? How will she handle so many things single handedly when we have always been around her to help her out? Will this family and boy seriously keep her as happy as we had kept her? Will she be allowed to visit us that frequently? It seems like yesterday when she was born and all of a sudden she is going away to a different family... we haven't been able to spend much time together. When will we spend that carefree time again with her? 

My daughter is about to complete just first year of her life and I already feel like killing myself when I have to almost close the door on her face to attend a office call. It is so hard for me already to say Goodbye to her when I have to leave for office. It's the happiest moment of the day when I reach back home and she runs towards me to climb up in my lap. True that I some times have to shout at her but to think about it, she does all that for fun and as part of her learning curiosity and that shows my lack of patience. 

Let's wait and see for myself when my daughter goes away with her future family...