Saturday, November 26, 2011


What can be more disturbing than forgetting your own Blog's URL???!!! Yes, it just happened with me. It's been over 3 months that I have not even visited my blog, forget about writing anything here. So many things have happened in these past 3 months…
I have switched my job… I have been working in office without taking any leaves… And yes, I have been seriously WORKING (habit of which I have become out of touch)… timings have changed… travelling has become a pain… Weekends are eagerly awaited for… All in all, I have been over occupied with lot of things…
But the good thing is that I am learning at the new place and getting work which I always wanted… so at the end of the day, I am satisfied…
So, what's new??? Some of my sweet friends have expressed it to me that they have been missing my blog and I have been itching to scribble anything, just anything on my blog just for those friends…
Ummm… I can't write about everything that have happened in the past 3 months but let me see:
1.   Have visited Infy-Mysore campus and was awestruck by the magnificence of the campus. It impacted me so much that I cursed myself for not doing engineering and not getting placed with Infosys and not landing up at Infy-Mysore as a trainee…. That much was the impact of that RESORT. What do you want when you are away from a proper city? Multiplex, grocery store, bank, ATM, gym, recreation centre, swimming pool, transportation, nice place to live, pizza or nice eating joints, a football or a cricket stadium, saloon, doctor, security, internet, bowling alley…. YOU HAVE EVERYTHING IN THERE… I better try to put some pics…

Training Center

Hostels-for trainees and guests (thats where we stayed)

Beautiful pathway

The Famour Multiplex building with the basketball court

I was obsessed with this building

Swimming pool (at the first floor) and the recreation center around

Cycles for easy commutation in the campus


2.   Finally watched a movie in a hall… Rockstar… Though I was not in a mood to watch it coz "that's not my type"… but finally gave in… I can't say that I was disappointed. Ranbir Kapoor was definitely amazing and very much into his character but songs were out of my scope. I know most of you are crazy about those songs but please… Sadda Haq- O eco-friendly nature ke rakshak, main bhi hu nature… what the hell is that?? And Nargis Fakhri…phew… she was unbearable. Somehow the movie was predictable. I have read some novels and watched some movies which described the tale of a budding artist finally achieving success and not able to handle it, so it was kind of predictable but yet, RK was good.
3.   Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri di???!!! My South Indian friends, I know this is going to hurt you guys but Dhanush is irritating in this song. I felt that he is totally drunk and singing some rubbish in his sleep (and is about to throw up--- my hubby added this and I totally agree). What kind of music are we getting these days?? I guess till early 90s the songs were meaningful and then, suddenly it all changed. I better shut my mouth here about music or I will be banned from the society…
4.   The power of technology- I call myself an average net savvy but till 2 months back I was missing the most amazing aspect of internet… Video Chat. I had heard about Skype but imagine my MIL got her Skype ID before me!!! The first time I used Skype and I felt the power of technology… My brother and sister-in-law sitting in USA and we were talking face to face. I know, all of you might be thinking that am such a super excited stupid girl. This is such an old thing now. But yesterday we used it in a much better way… Skype video Conferencing. Delhi-UK-Bangalore… The entire family was on Skype and talking to each other all at the same time. I was almost feeling like all of us were sitting together at the same place and having a good time!!! God Bless those who keep on inventing new things and are making us live together in a virtual world…
5.   Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is finally a mom… How does it impact me? Just that no more morphed photographs of Salman Khan as her baby son… No more betting on baby girl or a baby boy; no more time wasting pundits on TV predicting her baby's future.
What else? I would again try to be regular on my blog but who knows… Be Safe and Be Happy… CHEERS!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

New Design...

Phew... I wanted to change the design of my blog for so long and today I finally got time and willingness to change it. It is so confusing... So many options, hit and trial, applying the changes, changing it again, experimenting and so on...
I have finally done the changes... Though the previous one still remains my favorite but this one is also not bad... What say???!!!
Give your feedbacks in the comments section but please, don't be too harsh on me... It took me almost an hour to get this decent design....
Akshay, I have finally recollected how to add the photo to the blog Title... To know more, kindly ping me on chat...

Monday, August 8, 2011


Some of the major accidents can take place in your very own kitchen… I learnt that lesson on this Sunday afternoon. I could have done away with our patented lunch menu for weekend- daal-chawal but then thought to follow the family tradition of Sunday kadi-chawal. I have never made kadi in my life, don't like it much and so have not even seen my mother preparing it.
Since it is made a little differently by my mom from what my M-I-L (mother-in-law) prepares, I thought to learn it from my MIL rather than Jaipur Mummy. Even though she was not well, she explained me the process.
For those who don't know what kadi is, please help yourself at this link:
It started off okay. The pakoras were a bit tight so I frantically call her again (this is call#2 and I may use the word "frantically" very repeatedly in this blog 'coz it was a frantic day).
She calmly tells me that it may happen, don't worry and soak them in some water. They would be fine. Phew…!!!
Then the next step- I took some besan and mixed it with curd and water and other ingredients. Ever since I had taken the besan in the utensil, I had that something-is-wrong kinda feeling. Nevertheless, I went ahead and that's when I made Frantic Call#3 to my ailing M-I-L. She again tells me not to panic and add some more water. Only problem might be that we may end up with huge quantity.
We added more water and again tried to bring it to boil. WE = I + Nimit. But it again solidifies. How much water will we add? I knew I have added too much of besan. God, for how many days will we eat it? Forget about eating, even after eating it for four days, we may have to throw it away… And how will we eat it, it is smelling only besan and no other aroma…? That's when I realized that I have committed the worst blunder in the kitchen. Tonnes of tasteless kadi = one cooker almost full of this thing. And yes, then I started crying like a child who has just wasted some very precious resource or have screwed up the most important exam of life.
Nimit had to push me out of the kitchen and into the bathroom. Stupids!!! He was not punishing me but wanted me to take my bath while he does some damage control.
He might have made (frantic) Call#4 to my M-I-L and after almost 40 minutes, when I came out of the bathroom, he greeted me with the manageable kadi, not amazing but decent in taste; not as liquid as it should be but atleast not a solid pancake.
You can avert a major accident in kitchen if you have a personal disaster management team, your understanding husband and your on-line F1: M-I-L J
I am still in the shock of what happened yesterday but I must inform you that the kadi was not that bad. I even brought it in my tiffin today… It was good and we may have to eat it just one more time. So, it was a manageable quantity.
Also, most of the experiments done by me in the kitchen have been more than successful (except dosa, which I am very close to master now). So, those of you who have been thinking to visit me and taste my food, I have shown you both sides of the coin (I am such an honest girl). Toss it and leave the rest to God, me and your kismat!!! Hu Ha Ha Ha…

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Hey All,
First of all let me clarify that I rarely read newspaper and my previous post on Fairness creams have nothing to do with the article published in Delhi and Pune Times on the almost same topic. I don't read Bangalore paper itself. So, it was my original post.
Second of all, nothing… Well, I was just getting bored so thought to again bother you guys here. It's my personal platform and I can write any crap on this blog.
While coming to office today in the Volvo bus, just when I was almost admiring one fellow's nicely polished pointed shoes, he stepped on my left foot so badly that I actually felt numb for few minutes and whatever little admiration for his shoes was building up, just vanished…Puff…!!! It is hurting me even now.
If anyone of you have not yet travelled in public transportation and have some time to kill and want some free entertainment, my advice is to give it a try. The way people start marching towards any vacant seat can actually scare away any terrorist also. Even if someone is adjusting his/her bag just like that, some of the standing passengers would take it for granted that the current occupant is getting down on the next stop and run to block that seat. At times it becomes difficult to climb down from your seat since 3 people are blocking your way!!!
Some of them have to talk over the mobile LOUDLY. Whenever I get on the bus, I make sure to keep my mobile on vibration 'coz I don't know if it rings will I be able to pick it up or not. Why bother all the passengers with my ringtone?? But most of them don't follow this practice and you ought to listen to their irritating ringtones ever since their phones start ringing, them realizing that it's their own phone which is ringing, then taking it out of their untraceable pockets, looking at the screen to make out who is the caller and then clicking that Green/Accept Call button…
Another thing that I noticed (just now one fellow strengthened my observation)… Most of the population just ignores whatever is written on the doors in CAPITAL and bold letters. If the door says PUSH, majority of the people have to PULL the door and vice-versa. When I say majority, I mean 90% of the educated population. Few days back when I was about to open the door to the staircase in my office building, one boy/man tried to overtake me in full style (goggles, headphones, funky bag, cool walk etc) and tried 3-4 times to push the door and finally turned towards me to say that "it is locked. Sorry, have to take the lift". I just stepped forward and PULLED the door and walked in… Funny… So there I could think of one tagline: "Dikhaave pe mat jao, apni akal lagao"
There are so many such incidents which we see around us daily. It's up-to us to take it lightly and laugh about it silently or let these people irritate us with their stupidities. It depends on my mood how I take these incidents but right now sitting in front of my system, I am just laughing out loud… LOL!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Oh… I am getting depressed… Advertisement industry is making me feel depressed. Actually now only I have realized the actual reason of why I was not able to become the MD of my company even after working tirelessly for 3 years here... Why I was rejected in some of the interviews… Why I did not top my college and was not the Head of the Student Council. Thanks to these Ads for opening up my eyes. Gosh, I missed it….
I did not use the Fairness creams!!!!
Had I just invested more money in buying and more time in rubbing those fairness creams on my uneven dark face, I might have either been working in Bollywood or holding the highest designation in my office. Oh, and not to forget; Mr. Husband would have been getting expensive gifts for me every day!!! Oh God, what do I do now?? Oh yes, I can start using them now also. It will take what, max of 7 days to get that GLOWING skin and I could even roam about under the sun without the umbrella. And people, let us not forget that the world respects only those who have glowing fair skin and not some darkish loser. After 7 days I am sure I would get what I want in my life, sure shot…
Okay now, what exactly do these fairness cream ads want to tell us? Specially, in a country where the natural complexion of majority of the population is not WHITE but brown. We were discriminated by the firangi population based on our color and our grand-fathers fought against them and on every 15th Aug we feel proud for them. And what's with this concept of applying these creams for "instant" fairness to get immediate success? Oh, on top of that, these creams are endorsed by those heroines who do not dare to walk under the sun without their spot boys running behind them with the umbrella… And if you don't believe your celebrity idols, they have amazing graphics/animations to show how their creams just penetrate deep into your dark skin and destroy those dark cells and give you the complexion which the world regards…
Agreed that now there are loads of people who want to become fairer but why are they insulting those who are happy with whatever skin tone they have?? Girls in India are, at times, still rejected because of dark skin but please, using Fair n Lovely does not guarantee job or fan-following or boyfriends or respect…

Monday, July 11, 2011

10 Secrets...

Thanks Pranali for tagging me and God bless your friend Mia for tagging you… Is there anything called 8th sky as well?? I am exactly there.

Though the tag is a tough one… 10 Secrets… If I write them here, they won't be secrets anymore… So, I have to be very cautious about this one… Here it goes:

1. Nimit knows about it but others don't. After watching one of the episodes of Byomkesh Bakshi in my childhood, I always have to look towards the window of any room (be it a washroom) that I enter into, to check if anyone is peeping through it, even if I am on 100th floor and the window opens to sky only…. I still do that. TV can have bad influence on kids…

2. I cannot walk on someone's right hand side. Even if I walk, after sometime, I would abruptly switch the sides. Whenever I walk on someone's right hand side I get a feeling that I am about to fall on my right hand side…

3. I am not at all patient. I would start something with all josh and planning but after sometime, I would get bored and quit it

4. I doze off in the bathroom in the morning (that's why I take long time), normally on week days when I get up early and am in no mood to go to office

How many are left?? Oh, 6…

5. This is a top one… Ever since my brother had gone to study engineering and there was a time during any day when I was alone, I would switch on the music player, put on my favorite song and sing aloud (VERY LOUD) and occasionally dance as well… No idea if someone already knows about it or not

6. Though I don't believe in ghosts or spirits but given a choice for time pass discussion, I love this topic AND once through with the discussion, I get paranoid about everything around me for about half a day or so J J

7. I always get scary dreams about my accidental death in lift, by drowning, by falling off the cliff or an accident while travelling by train or plane… I want to die single piece actually without any scratch or something on my body…

8. I am scared of dogs/stray cows etc. One more thing… I have noticed this. A stray cow/dog might be standing/sitting quietly but as soon as I pass by their side, they HAVE to react and they have to move as if they were waiting for me to come to attack me… They all conspire against me!!!

9. Many people during my college days think that I was all attentive in classes every time. But I was attentive only during few of the subjects. During other classes, I used to make some or the other cartoon or drawing (if I had any of my old registers, I would have given you a proof) or write in mirror image style. Oh yes, I can write very fast in mirror image style in notebooks or papers (not tried it much on black/white boards)

10. And here is the biggest confession. I cheated, yes; I cheated using my chota chota chits in 2nd semester HR paper in MBA (not the whole paper, just 2 questions). But apart from that I could never pull it off… L L

These were some of my secrets… There are lots of other secrets as well which I would never disclose… he ha…

I am not going to tag any one, coz I know that no one else, apart from Pranali, is interested in this. Still, if someone is, do go ahead and leave a message in my comments box and I will definitely check it out… CHEERS!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I had earlier also written about losing our minds at the drop of the hat and do something horrible. On top of it, time and again we witness some judgment passed by the court which leaves us open mouthed.
One such incident: Neeraj Grover murder case. I did read about the case when it happened but then it got entangled in the legal corridor. Last week again it grabbed our attentions. On Friday a judgment was passed… The lady, Maria, gets a 3-year imprisonment and the man, Jerome, gets 10 years sentence. But since Maria has already spent 3 years in jail during the trial, so she is a free bird now.
I am no one to comment on whether Neeraj himself was all good and clean but the fact is that he was murdered and disposed off by Maria and Jerome. It's about the way this heinous crime was done. It's about the insensitivity of the murderers and her lawyer, who claims that the body was not cut into '300' pieces and showed the photo of the body in a press conference. It's about how on earth did they 'plan' the murder and decided to chop his body. Merely thinking about the moment and what must be going on in their minds at that time sends shiver down my spine…
We were watching a discussion on NDTV news yesterday and the lawyer was shamelessly adamant on the point that "since she is his client, it's his responsibility to defend her and he will do whatever he must to ensure this". Fine, you are your client's lawyer but does that make you an insensitive human being? Someone has lost their son in such terrible way and you are showing his body's photograph to defend your client…
What else can we say… Such cases are just making it scary to live…

Monday, July 4, 2011


YES... It works... now I can write a post, e-mail it from my desktop to the blog address, access the blogger dashboard on my mobile and publish the post.... YE !!!!!!
The wide screen is amazing... As good and easy to use & navigate as in a normal pc...


I am back after a "blog-aakal" (term coined by Pranali)… Have been busy with a lot many things at home and in office… And today finally I thought to connect again with my blog….
The most important tragedy that could happen to me which prevented me to post anything on my blog: all of a sudden my IE settings changed and I am not able to open the blogger dashboard L L
Another tragedy, I used to read other blogs using Google Reader but it refused to open. Just now have got my IE upgraded to IE7 and now I can access Reader but dashboard is still inaccessible.
BUT, lot of other good things happened. Mr. Husband celebrated his birthday on 1st June. Shall not disclose his age or else will have to face the consequences… I made a nice personalized calendar for him with the pictures of those who matter to him the most. Yours truly also celebrated her birthday. Again, shall not disclose the age: that's a universal law… Girls (ha ha... don't laugh, I am calling myself 'girl' and not a 'lady') should not tell their age in public… Btw, my main reason to put up this post comes now….
Mr. Husband gave me an amazing gift… Samsung Galaxy S. Those who don't understand what's the big deal about this, I must tell that it is the most happening phone in India these days (after iPhone)… That's my perception; 'coz the moment I tell anyone that I now have Samsung Galaxy S, their reaction suggests that its equivalent to owning a Merc J J
Thanks Nimit… and now, I dedicate almost 8-9 hours mindlessly fidgeting with my new phone… truly in love with its amazing wide display, touch screen, keyboard, voice… though, this may look against the very nature of any female, but after this, I don't need any gift for another 2 years from Nimit now… but if he wants to gift something, that would totally be his decision J
Last month, my parents and mausi-mausaji people went to Badrinath and successfully completed their pilgrimage. Almost exactly a month later, in-laws also embark on their journey to Badrinath. We were tensed down here, 'coz that's the rainy season and it becomes dangerous but they all came back safely and satisfied yesterday… That's a big relief…
Does someone remember that my office had been once divided into teams for various team events??!!! So, the last team event was announced many weeks back- dance competition. Other teams started practicing religiously and my team decides to sleep over, as usual. I and other 3 active members also decided to chillax (chill + relax). But the event gets postponed and I find so many unknown people of my office asking ME as to why our team is not participating. The humiliation levels cross its limit and 4 of us decides to give it a shot…
2 non-dancers (boys) + 1 semi-dancer (I) + 1 fairly good dancer (Pushpa) = 4 participants from the Nuts 'n' Bolts.
We sweat ourselves out for 2.5 days, mix two songs and somehow come on the stage. We start our 'performance'. 1st song goes well with lot of cheers and we start with the 2nd song. I couldn't take off my dupatta at the time of song transition, but that's a minor error. And all of a sudden, our song gets cut and I could hear the final piece of music… Damn… all such stupid things happen with my group ONLY…. So, we stop abruptly for few seconds, standing like confused aliens on the stage… But I must say, it was fun… That was the 1st time in my life that I volunteered to dance on a stage in front of a crowd (last time I remember myself standing on the stage was when I was in 1st or 2nd standard, when the complete class is made to dance in the annual function). No prizes for guessing, our team came last in the events. At that moment I was angry with my 'team-mates' and was cursing our bad luck with the music but then that was just an event and I was amazed to see such fine enjoyable performances from other individuals and groups.
All in all, a very happening month just passed by… And, this is a test post which I am planning to post via my phone… If it works, I will be regular here…. CHEERS!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Jurassic Park...

Guess what… few days back, I don't know why and how, I was thinking about one of my favorite movies- Jurassic Park (first part) and yesterday it was coming on Sony Pix. Thank God I was reading that section of the newspaper in the evening (which I rarely do) and saw that it is coming at 9 p.m. J
I am totally in love with its theme music and merchandise and the whole concept of the movie. I also had a video cassette of JP and would religiously watch it after every school exam got over (even if it was just a trivial unit test). My bade bhaiyya happened to be even more involved with this movie. I remember him making a T-Rex painting on a chart paper and pasted on the main entrance door of our home in Jaipur and innumerable JP logos in his drawing book, which looked complete replica of the original ones… I can recite the movie frame by frame and always wanted to visit the actual JP theme park in those automatic cars… wow!!!
Let me keep making a list of the old movies that I want to watch so earnestly… God, can I have ET please???!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trip to BANDIPUR!!!

I am back again… Previous week was a mix of good and the sad times. Sad, coz, one of my nieces (6 months old baby, my cousin's daughter) got admitted to a hospital and while I am writing this, she is still in hospital in Bangalore. Such a tiny body was tortured with so many needles. One for putting on the drip and rest to suck her blood for endless tests. I must not speak more about it else I will end up crying. But it is depressing to see a baby suffer so much... I can only pray for her early and fast recovery.
The better part of the week was when our cousin sisters visited us from Delhi. We had already booked our rooms at a resort at Bandipur National Park- MC Resorts. The point to be noted about the whole trip was that we were always moving on time. Decided to drive by our own car with our very own in-house budding singer- Nimit, singing as badly nicely as the original singers of those long forgotten Punjabi songs… Picked up another cousin of ours from Mysore and reached our destination in good time…

Carom Time

MC resorts turned out to be a comfortable place, not a luxuries resort but a quiet and a clean one. The staff was polite and the rooms were spacious and nice. The meals were not extravagant, as in, not a very long list of dishes but tasty and filling. After many years probably played carom and after many months played TT (none of us tried our hands on chess, since we were on a vacation and not supposed to use our brainsJ). The setting was nice…. Play by the pool side.
First sight of the Elephants
After lunch, we were left to ourselves and so we played cards and then it was time for the Jungle Safari… Safari can be done by their Jeeps or the side-open buses. For jeeps, I guess, you need to book early and/or pay more. So, we mounted on the bus and started on our safari. I was anyways not expecting to see the tiger/s but as soon as we entered into the jungle, there was a sense of excitement. Looking curiously behind the bushes as if I would be the first person to spot the tiger (and grab the 15-seconds of fame).But I have no idea how a species named DEERS can always be found in any forest easily posing for camera!!! So, as usual, they were our first encounters. Then we spot the Indian Elephants, behind the bamboos. The driver and the conductor instructed us to remain quite…. Shhhh…. But, hello, the bus itself was making noise…
Anyways, they were standing at quite a distance (I had to use the zoom feature of my digicam) but as soon as they started flapping their big ears, an annoying family started freaking out and the lady was literally close to breaking down and pleading the driver, "bhaiyya, chalo, wapis chalo, bahut dekh liya haathi".. I mean, c'mon, you have come all the way down here to watch only deer and peacocks???!!! Oh, btw, she was (they were) all so excited on spotting the peacocks and the birds and yes, her voice specially was very annoying…



A Family of Elephants

This Elephant came very close to our bus

The othe r man stood up after some time and almost shouted at the driver since the poor fellow was just doing his job- show as many wild animals as possible for full value for money… "chalo wapis, hum kab tak haathi dekhte rahenge, humare saath bachche hai, chalo wapis (resort)!!!". Uncle, if you were accompanied with kids, you could have chosen to stay at the resort or even better, could have stayed at home only… Moreover, it would be great if you let the kids see those animals which they have seen only in their books. Anyways, we saw elephants, bison, lots of deer, PEACOCK, kingfisher and that's all I think. Got the chance to see an elephant very closely, playing with mud… Once back, we were welcomed with refreshing tea, coffee and biscuits and then again, the cards time… Dinner was also simple but nice…
 Then we tried to show off our guts and sat by the pool side and started discussion about ghosts, spirits, our beliefs about them or any incident… That's when we could hear an elephant. It must not have been very close to our resort but not very far also… Immediately, I started scanning the dark bushes by the boundary wires of our resort to make sure that in case Mr. Elephant is very close by, we get ample time to run for our lives J it was cold by the time and we shifted to the bonfire place to play Uno (we can't live without cards)

Jungle Trek
Swimming Pool

Next morning, ooops, early morning, we got ready for a trekking session into the jungle… with our past experience with trekking, we were confident that we don't need shoes, our floaters would be enough. We started the trek by 6:30 and walked through the jungles… I was damn excited (again thought that I would encounter some wild animal within very close proximity)… and again we saw only deer… the trek was nice… Could feel the non-polluted environment in the early morning pleasantly cold time. And then, our guide asked, "madam, are you tired?? Can we go up that hill for trekking or you want us to go back through the jungle only?". How can I get tired of trekking? Pat came the reply, "no no, we can go up the hill... Is it too steep?". When he assured that it's not a steep ascend, all of us got ready to climb it. And that's where little Nikki realized that she is probably growing old at a very fast pace. After climbing non-stop for 5 minutes, Nikki has to stop to take deep breath. She was not like that till 2008 atleast, when she climbed happily on an excursion trip to Garud Machi… Throughout our trek up and down the hill, I was, though, enjoying it, but was getting worried about the deteriorating shape of my health. Anyways, somehow, we came through it and our guide told us that the total distance covered by us was 10 KMs!!!!!!!!! 10 KMs in 2.5 hours… not bad… Our legs were aching but all of us did enjoy this…

My Time Pass with Camera

And then, we attacked the breakfast and took that refreshing bath and back to the pool side… Others played cards while I played with my camera. By 11:30, it was time for us to head back to Bangalore. MC Resort gave us a souvenir at the time of checkout- a framed photograph of a deer… Nice gesture…
We halted at Mysore, where we had our lunch at the place suggested by our local Mysore Guide- Sohit/Sho/Shobhit J As I said earlier also, we were back to our home in a very good time… by 5:45 p.m. Not bad at all….
It was a refreshing break from our routines and spent nice time with each other after a very long time…
Final verdict on Bandipur:
1.   Don't go there with a hope to spot a tiger or other carnivorous animals, which depends on the LUCK….
2.   MC Resort is a nice comfortable place to stay, would give recommend it for others
3.   Enjoy elephants and bison and deer
4.   Don't miss the trekking and DO CARRY YOUR SHOES for doing it… Don't show off your heroism that you can trek without proper shoes on…
5.   Go there with your friends or big family; else you may get bored…
6.   And we had a nice time there…

Monday, May 23, 2011

Another MILESTONE!!!

Okay, there I changed the status message of my gtalk saying: "Today I complete 3 years of my Professional Life...!!!!!!!" and here my friend congratulates me and asks if I have written the blog or not?
I seriously had no intention to write a blog on this particular milestone but since he has poked me, I thought why not oblige him (Parikshit, if you are reading this, I dedicate this blog to you)
Btw, earlier my status message was: "Today I complete 3 years at 3i Infotech. Don't know if this is a happy or a sad occasion". Then another friend of mine suggested, why use 3i Infotech's name and get confused about it, rather call it 3 years of Professional life. I really felt happy and relieved at that…
I still cannot digest the fact that my father worked at the same bank for almost close to 32 years!!! I am already feeling suffocated after 3 years. As one of my bro-in-law says, "to get a hanuman, you have to be a Lord Ram first". But sadly, there is no Ram in today's corporate world (if there are any, I wish their number to increase drastically) and so there is no Hanuman.
But I am pretty impressed with myself when I see my bank account. My parents used to fill my piggybank or there were festivals to earn money when I was a child. At times, to tease me, my father would often say, "tum kya jaano khoon paseene se kamaya huye paise ki keemat" (how would you know the importance of the hard-earned money?). But I know it now. I know its value. It hurts when someone takes away my money and does not return it in terms of the service or the favor promised in lieu of that money.
It's not that I have nothing to boast about in these 3 years. I have had my share of joy and happy moments, some learning (which, sadly, was limited to not more than initial 2 years only), new friends, meeting new people or shall I call them strangers, travelling to few of the places/rural places, imparting training, tasting local food, nothing-less-than-adventure-type of experiences etc etc. Thanks to one of my official trips, I happened to meet my long lost family friends and was able to spend quality time with them at Baroda. Have seen so much of politics that many a times I have decided to call it quits but stayed back.
I know I might be sounding as if I have completed 30 years of my professional life when actually the number stands at just 3 years but in these times, completing every single year is nothing less than an achievement. And on top of that, this is a MILESTONE and my readers already know how I am hell-bent on remembering the milestones… btw, 15th May, 2006 was my first day at ICFAI college and hostel J Five years!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

100 Truths!!!

Okay, since I don't have many followers and amongst them also only few are bloggers who are not taking care of their friend (ME) and so I have no source to get myself tagged with some interesting tags. Since past few days I have been reading lot of other blogs as well… Many are crap but still some are very interesting and I have decided to steal some of their tags and help myself come alive (right now, I am about to fall off my chair with drooping eyes), and this may continue for some of the next few posts.. Steal a tag, tag myself, complete the task and pass that on to someone else J
100 Truths!!!!
I have stolen this tag from a blogger named: Dhanya.
1. Last drink: Tea
2. Last phone call: to my hubby dear
3. Last text message: to my hubby dear again J
4. Last song you listened to: Baari Barsi (Band Baaja Baraat)
5. Last time you cried: thank God I am not crying much these days… and for good reasons, I don't even remember when I cried last… I guess February…
6. Dated someone twice: not even once L (btw, going out with your fiancée is not dating, is it? If it is dating, then YES)
7. Been cheated on: in love???!!! NO. Otherwise, in Life, YES
8. Kissed someone and regretted it: NO
9. Lost someone special: Yes
10. Been depressed: so many times…
11. Been drunk and threw up: NOOOOO
12. Black
13. Purple
14. Green, as in Moss green
15. Blue
15. Made new friends: Yes, I guess during kindergarten days but I don't remember them now
16. Fallen out of love: No
17. Laughed until you cried: Yes, few days back, subject being Nimit… he made me laugh
18. Met someone who changed you: Yes, many people actually, starting with my friends during MBA
19. Found out who your true friends were: Yes. Should I list down their names?? Fir kabhi…
20. Found out someone was talking about you: Yes. Thank God they were talking good things about me when I landed up there
21. Kissed someone in your friends list: Yes, husband J (what were you thinking??!!!)
22. How many people in your friends list do you know in real life: Almost all
23. How many kids do you want to have: 2… but I will update this after discussion with Nimit J
24. Do you have any pets: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
25. Do you want to change your name: NO, but I want people to spell out/speak out my name correctly (I am not NIKITHA and I am not NITIKA… it's NIKITA)
26. What did you do for your last birthday: went to Yercaud a day before and on the birth day, went to Hogenakkal falls, with Nimit
27. What time did you wake up today: Thanks to our maid, both of us got up at 5:50 a.m. and then it was on-off thing. Finally out of the bed by 6:35 a.m.
28. What were you doing at midnight last night: sleeping
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for: a new job... ASAP
30. Last time you saw your father: 22nd April, 2011
31. What is one thing that you could change about your life: my bad luck, which played its role many a times (DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH THE OCCASIONS WHERE MY GOOD LUCK FAVOURED ME)
32. Most visited web page: Gmail/Google
33. Name: Nikita
34. Nicknames: Nikki (Nikka also)
35. Zodiac Sign: Cancer
36. Male/Female/Transgender: Female
37. Elementary: in Delhi
38. School: in Delhi/Faridabad/Jaisalmer/Jaipur
39. Colleges: BIT (Jaipur)/ICFAI (Gurgaon)
40. Hair Color: black/ dark brown
41. Long or short: Medium
42. Height: want to increase it but now no chance, 5' 3" or is it 5'2"??
43. Did you have crush on someone: Yes, but he turned out to be No#1 rotlu so that balloon got burst
44. Ever been in love: YES (after marriage)
45. Piercings: Ear
46. Tattoos: No
47. Righty or Lefty: Righty
48. First Surgery: None till now… Touchwood
49. First piercing: Ear
50. First best friend: They became my best friends all at the same time- Jaya, Puja, Shikha, Smiti J
51. First sport you loved: cricket (typical Indian)
52. First pet: Never had one and never want any
53. First vacation: Don't remember (parents claim either Goa or Kolkatta)
54. First concert: At college- Euphoria
55. First crush: we have talked about that in this section only…!!!!
56. Eating: nothing
57. Drinking: water
58. I'm about to: post this on the blog
59. Listening to: Darling… Saat Khoon Maaf
60. Waiting for: office hours to get over soon
61. Want kids: YES
62. Want to get married: invalid question, already married
63. Careers in mind: In fantasy world- a rich Actor (Celebrity types). Real world- don't want to think about it, but a typical Business Analyst in IT industry
64. Lips or eyes: Eyes… that's the first thing that I notice about anyone
65. Hugs or kisses: Hugs (not taking Nimit into consideration in this section)
66. Shorter or taller: Taller
67. Older or younger: Older
68. Romantic or spontaneous: I guess, most of the questions are invalid now… I don't need to think about them now, I am happily marriedJ. But still, spontaneous…
69. Nice stomach or nice arms: stomach
70. Sensitive or loud: Sensitive (not over sensitive)
71. Hook-up or relationship: relationship
72. Trouble maker or hesitant: Trouble maker
73. Kissed a stranger: NOOOOOOO… do people actually do that???!!!
74. Lost glasses/contacts: No, I am a responsible girl J
75. Broken someone's heart: Yes, I have been told so… though, I never knew about it at that time
76. Had your own heart broken: in love? NO; otherwise, Yes (in so-called friendships)
77. Been arrested: What are you saying?? NO
78. Turned someone down: No one asked me
79. Cried when someone died: Yes
80. Liked a girl that is a friend: Yes, in a straight way… she is my best friend J
81. Yourself: rarely
82. Miracles: Yes, started believing when they happened in my life
83. God: Yes
84. Love at first sight: No, I believe that's just a crush…
85. Heaven: Yes
86. Santa Claus: No, but want to believe when I see those little kids waiting expectantly for Santa Claus to handover their gifts on Christmas…
87. Kiss on the first date: No
88. Angels: No
89. Devils: Ha ha ha… Yes, there are so many around me….
90. Is there one person you want to be with right now: Yes, my papa… missing him very much today…
91. Had more than one BF/GF at one time: you kidding me?? I never had any BF L
92. Wanted to kill someone ever: Yes. I have my list of my targets ready with me…
93. Among your blog mates, whom would you like to kiss: No one
94. Committed a blunder and regretted later: Yes, let's not get into the details, it (they) is (are) very embarrassing
95. Wanted to steal your friend's BF/GF: No… wanted some of their qualities in my husband though…
96. White: my newly stitched crisp white cotton chudidaar
97. Black: my Adidas T-shirt. Nimit has the same t-shirt in Red color J
98. Red: my new kurti and my very old top (with Om sign) which I pulled out from somewhere when I went to Jaipur this time
99. Pink: one of my short kurti's, I loved its color but it faded much before its life L
100. Posting this as 100 Truths: Yes. That's why I stole it in the first place J
I don't know if someone is interested/ idle to do this but I WANT TO TAG Pranali, Akshay, Vipul (when you finally get time from shifting), Sandeep, Palani sir and my friend TARUN… Tarun, this can be your much awaited FIRST POST on your blog J
Let me know all of you once you are through with your tag in my comments section… CHEERS!!!