Friday, June 3, 2011

Jurassic Park...

Guess what… few days back, I don't know why and how, I was thinking about one of my favorite movies- Jurassic Park (first part) and yesterday it was coming on Sony Pix. Thank God I was reading that section of the newspaper in the evening (which I rarely do) and saw that it is coming at 9 p.m. J
I am totally in love with its theme music and merchandise and the whole concept of the movie. I also had a video cassette of JP and would religiously watch it after every school exam got over (even if it was just a trivial unit test). My bade bhaiyya happened to be even more involved with this movie. I remember him making a T-Rex painting on a chart paper and pasted on the main entrance door of our home in Jaipur and innumerable JP logos in his drawing book, which looked complete replica of the original ones… I can recite the movie frame by frame and always wanted to visit the actual JP theme park in those automatic cars… wow!!!
Let me keep making a list of the old movies that I want to watch so earnestly… God, can I have ET please???!!!


  1. Childhood movies will always remain favorites even after many years...:)

  2. totally... can't forget so many movies of my childhood days...


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