Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Be a part of the change

Before I even start this post I must mention that eventhough I don't live in Delhi as of now but I am a Delhiite. I am neither a fan nor an anti of Delhi government.

Off late I have been getting so many forwaded messages and jokes regarding Odd-Even car rule to be implemented in Delhi from January next year and listening to all the negative remarks from the very citizens of Delhi and other parties opposing and making fun of this rule. Something which really put me off was a statement made by a citizen of Delhi who casually asked the media person - "how will traffic police implement the rule with lakhs of cars on the road? Kaise pakadenge galat car?" My question to him and several others like him - why do you want policemen to ensure this and catch you with the wrong car? Are you quizzing them? Is this rule being implemented for them? Why can't YOU be honest ad implement the rule? YOU are the one who is breathing that toxic air. YOU are the one who is gifting this polluted air to your children and future generation along-with numerous diseases. YOU make a major chunk of the culprits to increase the pollution to such a high level. 

How many governments have you seen in the past who have even given a serious thought or taken any solid steps to curb the pollution? I can't remember any. Planting small saplings during a school function is not what I am talking about. I hated AAP government when they unnecessarily politicised lot of unwanted issues, when they left the people of Delhi in lurch. But I thought about this rule implementation for the entire day yesterday but couldn't think of any political advantage that they are getting out if it. If there is any, call me ignorant. 

For some time, don't think about which government is implementing it, think of the benefits that YOU might get. Don't keep on cribbing for losing some of the comforts by driving your car on alternate days, find out ways to implement it. Go out, know your neighbors, find out if they can drop you to your office or somewhere close by. Talk to other team members who sit across your cubicle. Do the car pooling. Use public transport. Use Metro. 

We have so many amazing people who create hundreds of unrequired yet jazzy apps, put up on Play Store to earn money. Now is the time for them to create something useful to help in car pooling. 

I hope ambulances and other emergency vehicles are exempted from this rule and so wish that this rule includes car of VVIPs and VIPs (though its a waste of hope). Beijing implemented this rule within 2 days of notice. We are getting at least a month. Find out alternates, come out of comfort zones. YOU are going to get a bit more of fresh air. Be a part of this change!!!!