Friday, April 17, 2015

Generation Gap!!!!

Today as I was waiting for my cab along with a fellow cab mate of mine, something strange happened. Normally this type of complaint comes from elderly people about their younger generation but today it was the other way round.
This cab mate of mine (honestly, I always felt something strange about her and just FYI she is of my age or may be younger than me) - let's call her CM - and I were waiting for our cab. Just then one SUV stopped in front of us... just a bit ahead of where we were standing and the Husband and Wife (I hope they were husband and wife) kissed each other, as in Lip Lock.
Just then Madam CM hit her forehead with her palm and exclaimed - "Aiiyyyyoooo!!! Rama Rama..." and something more in Telugu. When I looked towards her with zapped look she explained - "this generation you see, all corrupted. Why do you have to kiss each other? Do that in your bedroom". Just then the Lady from the car got down and crossed the road. Madam CM - " ... and see, she looks much older than us". Then she crossed her hands and touched her ears as if saying sorry to God on their behalf...
When I again looked at her to tell her to just chill, it's normal, she gave me an offended kind of look and explained that if these people are so open, what will our children learn...??!!!
I mean, first, they are husband wife who are kissing EACH OTHER. You are safe. That man has not violated your modesty.
Second of all, they are doing it inside THEIR car.
Third of all, it must be their personal way of saying bye to each other.
Fourth of all, growing old does not mean to stop loving each other (I was pretty glad thinking about their strong love relationship).

So you see, I was pretty amused to see a young(er) girl complaining about so much of openness by her elder generation....