Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Milestones...

15th May, 2010: I completed 4 years away from home.
22nd May, 2010: We completed 100 days of our marriage.
23rd May, 2010: I completed 2 years of corporate life and in 3i Infotech Limited.

Ok, I know it may sound weird but I don't know why girls/females are more particular about such "milestones" of life. Normally boys/males are not much enthusiastic about such petty milestones. They are indifferent. "100 days of marriage???!!! How does it help??? And why do you have to remember or celebrate it at all". But whenever I come across any such moment/event, I clearly remember the base day (the milestone may not always be some happy occassion).

I remember almost the complete day of 15th May, 2006 when I landed up at Gurgaon with all my luggage to join ICFAI. How we ran from pillar to post for the registeration, how it was such an irritating time to sit on those uncomfortable benches waiting for my turn of registration, how this girl was sitting beside me, who later happend to become my roomie and one of the best friends- Sushree, that irritating and chepu guy (will not take his name P.R.G.), finding my allocated hostel room all shattered because of heavy turbulence a day before and spending the night with such stranger girls, how I missed my parents and brother that day (and yes, cried as well) etc etc.

Wedding day, ofcourse, is not meant to be forgotten anyways. Each moment, that heavy lehenga and how I was managing to keep up the strength to carry out the ceremonies, how my baraat got delayed to reach Jaipur because of the traffic jam (they completed the 6 hours journey in almost 10 hours), etc etc.

So, like that. Females, I guess, are always looking for a reason to celebrate and gulp some tasty stuff in the name of completing those milestones, or the reason to keep quiet on that day (if the milestone is a sad moment). Thats my reason. Or may be the males look for some materialistic figure (Sales target, percentage marks, number of break ups etc etc) to look it up as the milestone and then celebrate achieving it. Apart from that, everything else is just too boring or miniscule to celebrate. Don't you think so? Or you can suggest some better reason? Or you totally disagree with this "fact"?

Whatever, but I am waiting to complete 150 days of my marriage on 11th July, 2010 :) :D :P (n btw, this happend to be my 60th blog post...milestone, you see)
CHEERS !!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Surprise Surprise... We are here to Audit your System...

Just now my system at office underwent a "surprise" external audit by a lady from Microsoft (checking if any system is using the MS softwares without the license).I guess, she was not too old. Must be in late 20s, with the specs on and wearing western formals and talking sternly to our very own ETG guy, whom we have to plead for every small issue related to networking or system installation. But today I saw him really pissed off with the Auditor (following her orders and instantly answering her queries and we were really enjoying this site). I don't know why the Auditor always looks like a DEVIL and why they always show off their authority (which they get by default being an auditor)?
Even if I have not done anything wrong/illegal, you say Auditor/ Audit, and I would start thinking if I have done anything wrong.
This reminded me of my school days, when we were informed about the "Surprise Inspection" some 2 weeks before it was supposed to take place, so that students could completely fill in their registers/notebooks in the best handwriting and the teachers get enough time to check them and neatly put their signatures as if they have been checking them with the utmost precision regularly. We would be told to trim our nails, polish our shoes, wear nicely ironed uniforms, no one should make noise, not even allowed to go out to fill in our water bottles or go to the wash rooms to show that the corridors are traffic free.
My question: Are schools supposed to be No-Horn, No-noise Pollution, No-Traffic Zone? No. Kids, and ya, grown up kids also go to schools. And kids are supposed to play,make noise, run here and there, ofcourse in a disciplined way. But that doesn't mean that schools should show off that our students don't even go out to drink water...!!!!
Instead, if they actually make students trim their nails, wear ironed uniforms, regularly do their homeworks and make proper notes on the daily basis, and the teachers check them as their regular and mandatory duty, I guess their would be no need for such Inspection and creating a fuss about it. Rather would actually make students and the teachers more responsible...

But thats how it has always been. Show off your good side only when required (emergency) else Don't Bother...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

To be Hanged till death...

Two days back one of my friend pinged me on the gtalk, commenting on my gtalk status which said: “Forget Modi, Kasab is de new hot topic...". He was wondering if my next blog post would be on Kasab.

I was just thinking about the case and by 4:30 p.m. that day I got the news that Kasab has been found guilty and faces the Death sentence. I thought about it for sometime and actually felt an anger within me which said that “yes, Kasab should be hanged or made to die in the most horrible way and all others facing the death sentence should also be hanged with immediate effect”.

Instantly I opened up a window and started my search on Google and typed: “different types of execution”. Clicked on one of the headings: Top 10 Modern Methods of Execution- Listverse. After reading the methods and the way the executions are carried out, I could feel the goosebumps on my skin. How can a family or a witness watch a person dying or made to die?

Lethal injection, electric chair, gas chamber, single person shooting, firing squad, hanging, beheading, guillotine, stoning, garrote. Each method was explained in detail and the pictures were attached. Thankfully, those images were blocked at my office. In few of the methods/countries, the executions must be witnessed by the family members as well. This must be horrible.

I am not saying that no one should be given the death sentence but after reading this, for sometime I thought that death sentence is the most insane punishment. But I guess, those who face death penalty must be interrogated thoroughly and then given the sentence. Its like, mind wants the criminals to be hanged till death and heart says no, death sentences must be abolished from the system. This reminds me of my visit to Andaman's “kala paani Jail” where I saw the gallows. There was nothing. It was a very small underground room where the bodies were kept after the prisoner was hanged and has died. It was empty obviously- no blood stain, no body, no smell. But it was suffocating to be standing there. In hanging, the executor would have to visit the prisoner and take his measurements to prepare the noose. The size of the rope and the length should be such that the prisoner die instantly. What if he makes some mistake in this measurement? In lethal injection, after the first dose the convict must die, if not then second dose and still not, then the third and final dose. How about him lying on the execution table alive after the first dose, waiting for the second one?

There are methods in which there are more than one executor. In some, multiple executors are kept behind the curtain so that no one comes to know who actually executed the convict. But the actual executor would surely know that he was the one. How about the guilt that builds up in him? In some methods, multiple executors are kept and all of them are told to press the trigger for execution at the same time so that none of them knows who has actually executed the convict. But what about other methods, where there are normally one executor? I have read a story in my school days of such an executor, who had to execute some one and after the execution only he came to know that the convict was his own son.

In case of terrorists, who themselves say that they have committed the crime, the countries still keep them in jail for years and years on the grounds that they can give some vital information or the lack of ample evidences, until some other terror attacks by his friends to take revenge or get him freed. In such cases, I believe, there is no need to keep them in jails and waste the country's time, money and resources after him. In five years, whatever information they might be having they must have told and if they had any intention to lead a normal life, they would have changed. But if not, then keeping them in jails forever will never help. So, again, mind says, Hang them till death. But...

What can be the alternative to death penalties?

I have written above about what I have searched. I know many of you might try to search for the same on Google. Don't do this if you don't want your day or mood to be spoiled. I had spoiled my mood that day.