Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Milestones...

15th May, 2010: I completed 4 years away from home.
22nd May, 2010: We completed 100 days of our marriage.
23rd May, 2010: I completed 2 years of corporate life and in 3i Infotech Limited.

Ok, I know it may sound weird but I don't know why girls/females are more particular about such "milestones" of life. Normally boys/males are not much enthusiastic about such petty milestones. They are indifferent. "100 days of marriage???!!! How does it help??? And why do you have to remember or celebrate it at all". But whenever I come across any such moment/event, I clearly remember the base day (the milestone may not always be some happy occassion).

I remember almost the complete day of 15th May, 2006 when I landed up at Gurgaon with all my luggage to join ICFAI. How we ran from pillar to post for the registeration, how it was such an irritating time to sit on those uncomfortable benches waiting for my turn of registration, how this girl was sitting beside me, who later happend to become my roomie and one of the best friends- Sushree, that irritating and chepu guy (will not take his name P.R.G.), finding my allocated hostel room all shattered because of heavy turbulence a day before and spending the night with such stranger girls, how I missed my parents and brother that day (and yes, cried as well) etc etc.

Wedding day, ofcourse, is not meant to be forgotten anyways. Each moment, that heavy lehenga and how I was managing to keep up the strength to carry out the ceremonies, how my baraat got delayed to reach Jaipur because of the traffic jam (they completed the 6 hours journey in almost 10 hours), etc etc.

So, like that. Females, I guess, are always looking for a reason to celebrate and gulp some tasty stuff in the name of completing those milestones, or the reason to keep quiet on that day (if the milestone is a sad moment). Thats my reason. Or may be the males look for some materialistic figure (Sales target, percentage marks, number of break ups etc etc) to look it up as the milestone and then celebrate achieving it. Apart from that, everything else is just too boring or miniscule to celebrate. Don't you think so? Or you can suggest some better reason? Or you totally disagree with this "fact"?

Whatever, but I am waiting to complete 150 days of my marriage on 11th July, 2010 :) :D :P (n btw, this happend to be my 60th blog post...milestone, you see)
CHEERS !!!!!!!!!!!


  1. "men are from mars women are from venus"...
    Women need Milestones on Venus....n we Men on Mars use Nokia navigator GPS enabled...;).so say NO to milestones
    We are far ahead!!!

  2. No points 2 guess. Vipin happens 2 b an engineer, thats y such words- Navigator, GPS...phew... (my next blog may ponder upon y Engineers always use such heavy duty technical words always)
    But a gud reason... Men r frm Mars n women r frm Venus...

  3. ;)
    Waiting for the next blog then.
    will be ready with enough armaments to tackle..the situation!!
    Well...Engineer...wht does it mean?? never practised though!!!!!!!!!1


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