Monday, July 4, 2011


I am back after a "blog-aakal" (term coined by Pranali)… Have been busy with a lot many things at home and in office… And today finally I thought to connect again with my blog….
The most important tragedy that could happen to me which prevented me to post anything on my blog: all of a sudden my IE settings changed and I am not able to open the blogger dashboard L L
Another tragedy, I used to read other blogs using Google Reader but it refused to open. Just now have got my IE upgraded to IE7 and now I can access Reader but dashboard is still inaccessible.
BUT, lot of other good things happened. Mr. Husband celebrated his birthday on 1st June. Shall not disclose his age or else will have to face the consequences… I made a nice personalized calendar for him with the pictures of those who matter to him the most. Yours truly also celebrated her birthday. Again, shall not disclose the age: that's a universal law… Girls (ha ha... don't laugh, I am calling myself 'girl' and not a 'lady') should not tell their age in public… Btw, my main reason to put up this post comes now….
Mr. Husband gave me an amazing gift… Samsung Galaxy S. Those who don't understand what's the big deal about this, I must tell that it is the most happening phone in India these days (after iPhone)… That's my perception; 'coz the moment I tell anyone that I now have Samsung Galaxy S, their reaction suggests that its equivalent to owning a Merc J J
Thanks Nimit… and now, I dedicate almost 8-9 hours mindlessly fidgeting with my new phone… truly in love with its amazing wide display, touch screen, keyboard, voice… though, this may look against the very nature of any female, but after this, I don't need any gift for another 2 years from Nimit now… but if he wants to gift something, that would totally be his decision J
Last month, my parents and mausi-mausaji people went to Badrinath and successfully completed their pilgrimage. Almost exactly a month later, in-laws also embark on their journey to Badrinath. We were tensed down here, 'coz that's the rainy season and it becomes dangerous but they all came back safely and satisfied yesterday… That's a big relief…
Does someone remember that my office had been once divided into teams for various team events??!!! So, the last team event was announced many weeks back- dance competition. Other teams started practicing religiously and my team decides to sleep over, as usual. I and other 3 active members also decided to chillax (chill + relax). But the event gets postponed and I find so many unknown people of my office asking ME as to why our team is not participating. The humiliation levels cross its limit and 4 of us decides to give it a shot…
2 non-dancers (boys) + 1 semi-dancer (I) + 1 fairly good dancer (Pushpa) = 4 participants from the Nuts 'n' Bolts.
We sweat ourselves out for 2.5 days, mix two songs and somehow come on the stage. We start our 'performance'. 1st song goes well with lot of cheers and we start with the 2nd song. I couldn't take off my dupatta at the time of song transition, but that's a minor error. And all of a sudden, our song gets cut and I could hear the final piece of music… Damn… all such stupid things happen with my group ONLY…. So, we stop abruptly for few seconds, standing like confused aliens on the stage… But I must say, it was fun… That was the 1st time in my life that I volunteered to dance on a stage in front of a crowd (last time I remember myself standing on the stage was when I was in 1st or 2nd standard, when the complete class is made to dance in the annual function). No prizes for guessing, our team came last in the events. At that moment I was angry with my 'team-mates' and was cursing our bad luck with the music but then that was just an event and I was amazed to see such fine enjoyable performances from other individuals and groups.
All in all, a very happening month just passed by… And, this is a test post which I am planning to post via my phone… If it works, I will be regular here…. CHEERS!!!


  1. its just U & Me who are each other's sahara (from blogging point of view)..

    Guess what.. there's gonna be a tag next on my blog!!

    I'll be humble and except ur already said thanku's cos ur gonna be tagged hon!!

  2. ya... sole saharas here... m waiting for de tag... :)

  3. Never mind the failure of your team...At least you'd be feeling good about having made an attempt...:)

  4. yeah.. that is surely thr... 1st tym volunteered to dance on stage :-)
    enjoyed de attempt....


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