Saturday, November 26, 2011


What can be more disturbing than forgetting your own Blog's URL???!!! Yes, it just happened with me. It's been over 3 months that I have not even visited my blog, forget about writing anything here. So many things have happened in these past 3 months…
I have switched my job… I have been working in office without taking any leaves… And yes, I have been seriously WORKING (habit of which I have become out of touch)… timings have changed… travelling has become a pain… Weekends are eagerly awaited for… All in all, I have been over occupied with lot of things…
But the good thing is that I am learning at the new place and getting work which I always wanted… so at the end of the day, I am satisfied…
So, what's new??? Some of my sweet friends have expressed it to me that they have been missing my blog and I have been itching to scribble anything, just anything on my blog just for those friends…
Ummm… I can't write about everything that have happened in the past 3 months but let me see:
1.   Have visited Infy-Mysore campus and was awestruck by the magnificence of the campus. It impacted me so much that I cursed myself for not doing engineering and not getting placed with Infosys and not landing up at Infy-Mysore as a trainee…. That much was the impact of that RESORT. What do you want when you are away from a proper city? Multiplex, grocery store, bank, ATM, gym, recreation centre, swimming pool, transportation, nice place to live, pizza or nice eating joints, a football or a cricket stadium, saloon, doctor, security, internet, bowling alley…. YOU HAVE EVERYTHING IN THERE… I better try to put some pics…

Training Center

Hostels-for trainees and guests (thats where we stayed)

Beautiful pathway

The Famour Multiplex building with the basketball court

I was obsessed with this building

Swimming pool (at the first floor) and the recreation center around

Cycles for easy commutation in the campus


2.   Finally watched a movie in a hall… Rockstar… Though I was not in a mood to watch it coz "that's not my type"… but finally gave in… I can't say that I was disappointed. Ranbir Kapoor was definitely amazing and very much into his character but songs were out of my scope. I know most of you are crazy about those songs but please… Sadda Haq- O eco-friendly nature ke rakshak, main bhi hu nature… what the hell is that?? And Nargis Fakhri…phew… she was unbearable. Somehow the movie was predictable. I have read some novels and watched some movies which described the tale of a budding artist finally achieving success and not able to handle it, so it was kind of predictable but yet, RK was good.
3.   Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri di???!!! My South Indian friends, I know this is going to hurt you guys but Dhanush is irritating in this song. I felt that he is totally drunk and singing some rubbish in his sleep (and is about to throw up--- my hubby added this and I totally agree). What kind of music are we getting these days?? I guess till early 90s the songs were meaningful and then, suddenly it all changed. I better shut my mouth here about music or I will be banned from the society…
4.   The power of technology- I call myself an average net savvy but till 2 months back I was missing the most amazing aspect of internet… Video Chat. I had heard about Skype but imagine my MIL got her Skype ID before me!!! The first time I used Skype and I felt the power of technology… My brother and sister-in-law sitting in USA and we were talking face to face. I know, all of you might be thinking that am such a super excited stupid girl. This is such an old thing now. But yesterday we used it in a much better way… Skype video Conferencing. Delhi-UK-Bangalore… The entire family was on Skype and talking to each other all at the same time. I was almost feeling like all of us were sitting together at the same place and having a good time!!! God Bless those who keep on inventing new things and are making us live together in a virtual world…
5.   Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is finally a mom… How does it impact me? Just that no more morphed photographs of Salman Khan as her baby son… No more betting on baby girl or a baby boy; no more time wasting pundits on TV predicting her baby's future.
What else? I would again try to be regular on my blog but who knows… Be Safe and Be Happy… CHEERS!!!


  1. 1. Welcome back to blogging!! We missed your viewpoints..:)
    2. Nice pictures of Infy. Good clicks!
    3. You may like or hate Kolaveri but you can't ignore Kolaveri..:P
    4. Checkout "hangout" feature in Google+ for video conferencing - it is equally good!!

  2. 1. Thanks mOhan... i knew some ppl were definitely missing me :P
    2. Thanks for the pics...
    3. I m not ignoring Kolaveri... infact, de moment I mentioned it on my blog, I added to its popularity :)
    4. Will do... thanks for informing...

  3. Hey, so finally you'r back with a bang...The Infy Campus looks terrific...thanks for sharing it. Have often heard about it, but never ventured online to check what's actually built there.

    All in all, welcome back :)

  4. thanks Sandeep and a very Happy New Year...

  5. thanks Sandeep and a very Happy New Year...

  6. i totally agree with ur view on "Kolaveri di"...not sure Y ppl are crazy for it.... loved infy campus...1st before reading i thought it was ur new office :(

  7. akshay, my new office is not as big as infy but is as clean n scenic as infy...ll upload my offc pics also someday ;-)


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