Monday, August 8, 2011


Some of the major accidents can take place in your very own kitchen… I learnt that lesson on this Sunday afternoon. I could have done away with our patented lunch menu for weekend- daal-chawal but then thought to follow the family tradition of Sunday kadi-chawal. I have never made kadi in my life, don't like it much and so have not even seen my mother preparing it.
Since it is made a little differently by my mom from what my M-I-L (mother-in-law) prepares, I thought to learn it from my MIL rather than Jaipur Mummy. Even though she was not well, she explained me the process.
For those who don't know what kadi is, please help yourself at this link:
It started off okay. The pakoras were a bit tight so I frantically call her again (this is call#2 and I may use the word "frantically" very repeatedly in this blog 'coz it was a frantic day).
She calmly tells me that it may happen, don't worry and soak them in some water. They would be fine. Phew…!!!
Then the next step- I took some besan and mixed it with curd and water and other ingredients. Ever since I had taken the besan in the utensil, I had that something-is-wrong kinda feeling. Nevertheless, I went ahead and that's when I made Frantic Call#3 to my ailing M-I-L. She again tells me not to panic and add some more water. Only problem might be that we may end up with huge quantity.
We added more water and again tried to bring it to boil. WE = I + Nimit. But it again solidifies. How much water will we add? I knew I have added too much of besan. God, for how many days will we eat it? Forget about eating, even after eating it for four days, we may have to throw it away… And how will we eat it, it is smelling only besan and no other aroma…? That's when I realized that I have committed the worst blunder in the kitchen. Tonnes of tasteless kadi = one cooker almost full of this thing. And yes, then I started crying like a child who has just wasted some very precious resource or have screwed up the most important exam of life.
Nimit had to push me out of the kitchen and into the bathroom. Stupids!!! He was not punishing me but wanted me to take my bath while he does some damage control.
He might have made (frantic) Call#4 to my M-I-L and after almost 40 minutes, when I came out of the bathroom, he greeted me with the manageable kadi, not amazing but decent in taste; not as liquid as it should be but atleast not a solid pancake.
You can avert a major accident in kitchen if you have a personal disaster management team, your understanding husband and your on-line F1: M-I-L J
I am still in the shock of what happened yesterday but I must inform you that the kadi was not that bad. I even brought it in my tiffin today… It was good and we may have to eat it just one more time. So, it was a manageable quantity.
Also, most of the experiments done by me in the kitchen have been more than successful (except dosa, which I am very close to master now). So, those of you who have been thinking to visit me and taste my food, I have shown you both sides of the coin (I am such an honest girl). Toss it and leave the rest to God, me and your kismat!!! Hu Ha Ha Ha…

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