Thursday, August 4, 2011


Hey All,
First of all let me clarify that I rarely read newspaper and my previous post on Fairness creams have nothing to do with the article published in Delhi and Pune Times on the almost same topic. I don't read Bangalore paper itself. So, it was my original post.
Second of all, nothing… Well, I was just getting bored so thought to again bother you guys here. It's my personal platform and I can write any crap on this blog.
While coming to office today in the Volvo bus, just when I was almost admiring one fellow's nicely polished pointed shoes, he stepped on my left foot so badly that I actually felt numb for few minutes and whatever little admiration for his shoes was building up, just vanished…Puff…!!! It is hurting me even now.
If anyone of you have not yet travelled in public transportation and have some time to kill and want some free entertainment, my advice is to give it a try. The way people start marching towards any vacant seat can actually scare away any terrorist also. Even if someone is adjusting his/her bag just like that, some of the standing passengers would take it for granted that the current occupant is getting down on the next stop and run to block that seat. At times it becomes difficult to climb down from your seat since 3 people are blocking your way!!!
Some of them have to talk over the mobile LOUDLY. Whenever I get on the bus, I make sure to keep my mobile on vibration 'coz I don't know if it rings will I be able to pick it up or not. Why bother all the passengers with my ringtone?? But most of them don't follow this practice and you ought to listen to their irritating ringtones ever since their phones start ringing, them realizing that it's their own phone which is ringing, then taking it out of their untraceable pockets, looking at the screen to make out who is the caller and then clicking that Green/Accept Call button…
Another thing that I noticed (just now one fellow strengthened my observation)… Most of the population just ignores whatever is written on the doors in CAPITAL and bold letters. If the door says PUSH, majority of the people have to PULL the door and vice-versa. When I say majority, I mean 90% of the educated population. Few days back when I was about to open the door to the staircase in my office building, one boy/man tried to overtake me in full style (goggles, headphones, funky bag, cool walk etc) and tried 3-4 times to push the door and finally turned towards me to say that "it is locked. Sorry, have to take the lift". I just stepped forward and PULLED the door and walked in… Funny… So there I could think of one tagline: "Dikhaave pe mat jao, apni akal lagao"
There are so many such incidents which we see around us daily. It's up-to us to take it lightly and laugh about it silently or let these people irritate us with their stupidities. It depends on my mood how I take these incidents but right now sitting in front of my system, I am just laughing out loud… LOL!!!


  1. Hey, this is pretty well written...perhaps the best of whatever I've read on your blog so far. Your description of the guy stepping on your foot is awesomely funny!! And the other incidents including the goggles dude are also equally humorous...good work and please do post more of such stuff!!

  2. Thanks mOhan... glad u liked it... if u hv nt yet read my post Oh God!!! i wud want u to read it. i consider that my personal favorite ;-)

  3. Hello there...yeah I read it and its good...However, LOL!!! seems to have a higher degree of humor content maybe coz it contains realistic incidents..this is just my personal view...:)

  4. Hey... Got ur personal views :)
    Will try to put some more posts with realistic humor :D


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