Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Oh… I am getting depressed… Advertisement industry is making me feel depressed. Actually now only I have realized the actual reason of why I was not able to become the MD of my company even after working tirelessly for 3 years here... Why I was rejected in some of the interviews… Why I did not top my college and was not the Head of the Student Council. Thanks to these Ads for opening up my eyes. Gosh, I missed it….
I did not use the Fairness creams!!!!
Had I just invested more money in buying and more time in rubbing those fairness creams on my uneven dark face, I might have either been working in Bollywood or holding the highest designation in my office. Oh, and not to forget; Mr. Husband would have been getting expensive gifts for me every day!!! Oh God, what do I do now?? Oh yes, I can start using them now also. It will take what, max of 7 days to get that GLOWING skin and I could even roam about under the sun without the umbrella. And people, let us not forget that the world respects only those who have glowing fair skin and not some darkish loser. After 7 days I am sure I would get what I want in my life, sure shot…
Okay now, what exactly do these fairness cream ads want to tell us? Specially, in a country where the natural complexion of majority of the population is not WHITE but brown. We were discriminated by the firangi population based on our color and our grand-fathers fought against them and on every 15th Aug we feel proud for them. And what's with this concept of applying these creams for "instant" fairness to get immediate success? Oh, on top of that, these creams are endorsed by those heroines who do not dare to walk under the sun without their spot boys running behind them with the umbrella… And if you don't believe your celebrity idols, they have amazing graphics/animations to show how their creams just penetrate deep into your dark skin and destroy those dark cells and give you the complexion which the world regards…
Agreed that now there are loads of people who want to become fairer but why are they insulting those who are happy with whatever skin tone they have?? Girls in India are, at times, still rejected because of dark skin but please, using Fair n Lovely does not guarantee job or fan-following or boyfriends or respect…


  1. best post ever!! India is a complexion crazy country and to highlight that, the fairness creams ad's are plenty these days. In this one particular ad where the model says that along with the cream you must now use the fairness facewash also, her face looks as if she has had tiny LED's implanted in her face!! Funny!!

  2. Absolutely bang on target niks.. To add on even the cosmetics have pitched into mens section wherein we have fair n lovely for men with a tag line "MARD HOKAR AURATON/LADKIYON WALA CREAM KYUN".
    Why do people always go about the complexion? Carzy haan!!!

  3. Pranali... they dnt need LEDs... already such big flash lights r on them n to make it better, they hv gud softwares...

  4. amazing post ... brilliant dark humor on fairness :))

  5. Good choice of topic for your blog and well written..Youngsters in India have this wrong idea that fairness means easy success in life. What parents need to teach their children is to have more confidence in themselves. A confident person is always respected and looked upon in society.


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