Monday, May 23, 2011

Another MILESTONE!!!

Okay, there I changed the status message of my gtalk saying: "Today I complete 3 years of my Professional Life...!!!!!!!" and here my friend congratulates me and asks if I have written the blog or not?
I seriously had no intention to write a blog on this particular milestone but since he has poked me, I thought why not oblige him (Parikshit, if you are reading this, I dedicate this blog to you)
Btw, earlier my status message was: "Today I complete 3 years at 3i Infotech. Don't know if this is a happy or a sad occasion". Then another friend of mine suggested, why use 3i Infotech's name and get confused about it, rather call it 3 years of Professional life. I really felt happy and relieved at that…
I still cannot digest the fact that my father worked at the same bank for almost close to 32 years!!! I am already feeling suffocated after 3 years. As one of my bro-in-law says, "to get a hanuman, you have to be a Lord Ram first". But sadly, there is no Ram in today's corporate world (if there are any, I wish their number to increase drastically) and so there is no Hanuman.
But I am pretty impressed with myself when I see my bank account. My parents used to fill my piggybank or there were festivals to earn money when I was a child. At times, to tease me, my father would often say, "tum kya jaano khoon paseene se kamaya huye paise ki keemat" (how would you know the importance of the hard-earned money?). But I know it now. I know its value. It hurts when someone takes away my money and does not return it in terms of the service or the favor promised in lieu of that money.
It's not that I have nothing to boast about in these 3 years. I have had my share of joy and happy moments, some learning (which, sadly, was limited to not more than initial 2 years only), new friends, meeting new people or shall I call them strangers, travelling to few of the places/rural places, imparting training, tasting local food, nothing-less-than-adventure-type of experiences etc etc. Thanks to one of my official trips, I happened to meet my long lost family friends and was able to spend quality time with them at Baroda. Have seen so much of politics that many a times I have decided to call it quits but stayed back.
I know I might be sounding as if I have completed 30 years of my professional life when actually the number stands at just 3 years but in these times, completing every single year is nothing less than an achievement. And on top of that, this is a MILESTONE and my readers already know how I am hell-bent on remembering the milestones… btw, 15th May, 2006 was my first day at ICFAI college and hostel J Five years!!!

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  1. 3i Info had come to my campus for placements!! They didn't take me... Cos I guess ece student will not know SQL questions...

    But I am glad that they didn't take me or else L&T wouldn't have happened :)



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