Thursday, May 19, 2011


Many a times my in-laws (and even my husband-in-lawJ) have told me to speak-out-loud… They often wonder how I have such a low voice. But that's how HE (look skywards) has made me. If I try to speak in higher volume, my voice resembles that of a crow. But I guess, in normal circumstances (bole toh, when I am not sitting in a restaurant playing some rock band type music or when I am lying/not confident of what I am blurting out), my voice is not that bad to capture.
So, why this justification kind of a post about my not-so-surili voice? It's because I often wonder how some people have such high-pitched irritating voice?? There are people who have high volumes but still pleasant to hear but I am talking about those people whose whisperings also itches my ear…
Just 5 minutes back, I went to the washroom in my office and I spotted that girl. Believe me, I actually have dropped my idea to use the washroom many a times when I saw her standing there, talking to someone. Though she talks in Kannada and so I don't understand a word that she speaks when she is supposedly whispering something to her friend, but it irritates me… I can, at times, even hear her blaring voice even when I have come out of the washroom, especially when she is roaring, I mean, laughing….

That reminds me of one of my English teachers during school time, Anjana Ma'am. I am sure that she is not reading this post. Our class teacher had made a rule to rotate our seats every day (we had 5 columns and I guess 6-7 rows). So daily rotate the rows and weekly rotate the columns. Anjana Ma'am had the habit of entering the classroom, put off her footwear in a corner and either teach us while walking across the classroom or mostly sit on the first bench (facing the class) of the middle column. The poor fellows of that ill-fated bench (2 per bench) always had hard time. I never believed that initially. But one fine day, it was my turn to sit there. My co-occupant quickly shifted to the 2nd last bench of the room before Ms. Anjana comes. I told her that she may not be that bad (she had been taught by Ms. Anjana since many years and that was my first year with her being my English teacher). BUT… There she came and decided to sit on my desk and I actually could not make out of what she is speaking after 5 minutes, coz I had gone deaf!!! After the class, my friend came laughing and checked out my red ear coz, I had tightly covered my left ear when she was blaring right in front of me. She had a shrill voice… Difficult to imagine such voice coming out of such a small figure… and GOD!!! When she would shout at some student…
I remember my first individual presentation on a book review during my MBA days.  I stood there in front of the class of around 40-45 students and my faculty who was sitting on the last bench and cleared my throat. I greeted everyone and started the slide and to my horror, the slides were displayed upside down. I choked there itself. I didn't have the confidence to brush this blunder aside, crack a joke and continue with my presentation. I fumbled to see if I can get that thing right but I couldn't do or say anything. Some of my new friends signaled me to pause, take a deep breath and continue; some of them signaled me to excuse myself and come back to my seat. But that word itself was not coming out. Then my lecturar called me and made me sit next to her and continued with other presentations. It was such an embarassment. That's when one of my friends told me to rehearse in front of the mirror before any such presentations; keep a glass of water with me at that time and keep drinking at regular intervals to avoid dry throat; to gargle regularly with lukewarm water and sing  out aloud when alone. I took his first advice and today I am confident enough to address people. I have given lot of trainings in my job and unlimited presentations in college.
I often wonder why God has not given me (and many other people) a strong voice, I am not praying for a shrill one but a strong clear voice.

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