Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The most wanted terrorist has been gunned down, as per US of A. OBAMA said OSAMA is dead (status message of one of my dear friend). Looks like a new tongues twister to me. You can easily interchange Obama with Osama by mistake. By the way, "Osama" word is already present in the dictionary of MS Word and "Obama" is not. Just an observation… You forgot, I am an Analyst. Don't you dare laugh at this…
Anyways, Osama is dead but never ending controversies have taken birth. Even my little brain is suggesting that something is wrong. The world is asking all sorts of questions. I will tell my concern later on…
1. Is Osama actually dead?
2. Was Pakistan not involved in the US operations?
3. Was Pakistan hiding Osama?
4. Why Osama was buried in sea so urgently (USA, though, says that it was after all the forensic tests were done. So it was not done in any urgency)
5. Was Osama dead many years ago only (natural death) but after getting fool-proof links only US is claiming that they killed him? [Presidential elections at stake]
6. Osama anyways was not an active member of his terrorist group; there are other dangerous members alive, who can strike in even bigger way anytime now. Was Osama murdered by his own group mates?
7. Etcetera etcetera….
 My concern is also on the similar lines:
Is it sure that USA has killed Osama or have they got inspired by the Bollywood movie Tere Bin Laden and killed innocent Pradhuman Singh, who played the Osama look alike in the movie???? There is no news of Pradhuman… This incident has taken place during appraisal time. Obama might have done so to claim the highest rating and promotion (extended Presidential tenure).
Whatever be the case, I now want to read the complete true stories about OBL. Wikipedia (my favorite encyclopedia) quotes this about his personal life:
"In 1974, at the age of 17, Osama married Najwa Ghanem at Latakia. According to CNN national security correspondent David Ensore, as of 2002 Osama had married four women and fathered roughly 25 or 26 children. Other sources report that he has fathered anywhere from 12 to 24 children."
I mean, look at the range of estimate of number of children fathered by OBL- 12 to 24. I don't understand, if OBL was such a deadly terrorist, his mind always occupied on planning some or the other attack, when did he take off time to marry 4 times??!!!
It took 10 years for US to kill this most wanted terrorist but I guess the controversies will remain open for a real long time from now… Real OBL or not; killed by US or his own group members or natural death; 12 children or 24… the fact is that OBL is dead… OBAMA KILLED OSAMA!!!!!!

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