Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time Flies...

So yes, we have completed 1 year, 2 months and 2 days of our marriage today….
Okay fine. This post has nothing related to our married life milestones. It's just that I have completed so many pending jobs at office and feeling damn sleepy and was not getting any appropriate beginning to write a post.
Last two weekends just flew by. We went to Hyderabad for the long weekend. On the historical day of 2nd April, 2011, India won the Cricket World Cup-2011 after waiting for 28 years and 6 world cups. It was as if India has just been announced the World's Super Power, taking away that throne from the United States of America (Amrika). Even more interesting was the semi finals with Pakistan, our childhood rivals. Every single office made sure that they put up television sets for the employees and implemented the dress code- BLEED BLUE. The offices which could afford, gave a half day. The others anyways wore deserted look in the second half, everyone has run away to watch how Indians would thrash away the other team. I guess it recorded the highest ever TRP. And WE WON…. It was nothing less than winning the coveted cup itself.
Every Indian holding his/her breathe on the Finals and there came the final six from our Mr. Cool captain. Emotions flowed- on field and off field. Crackers, national flag, shouts and cries. Barring few, I guess, all the Indians were on the road, taking the "victory lap". One car hits the other, the victim comes out smiling and demands explanation, the accused driver says, "Sorry bhaiyya, sorry, by mistake…" and the victim gets back into the car…. No fight, no brawl, no exchange of swear words… That's when you know that India has won the World Cup….The Indian team squad has won a permanent place in the history of the Cricketing world…
Next day was the picnic day for my dear husband. Ever since we got on the back seat of my brother's car; who was uncomfortable since they (brother and his wifey) didn't know the way to the destination; we (I & Nimit) had put on our fun caps. We were negligibly concerned if we were on the correct path or not. I just wished that my brother and sis-in-law don't throw both of us out of their car. The destination, by the way, was Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad. This was Nimit's first visit to the place; all others had been there before.
I caught so many photographs of the super excited kid (I am talking about Nimit) just posing for the camera voluntarily I guess for the 1st time in his life. Finally, all exhausted, we were satisfied that we had a great time there.
Last weekend, we had cooked so much that the left over fed us for the next three days of the weekJ. Two proper dinners on two consecutive days, the only days when we could sleep without any account and do absolutely nothing but this weekend, we were even busier than the normal weekdaysL. But we took off some time to finish off the long pending shopping. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are the proud owners of new Sony Vaio E Series laptop. Applause… Thank You, Thank You… Still have not got time to explore it completely but will do that shortly. Aaah!!! Time flies…


  1. Standing ovation to ur ever improving writing skills and creating live scenes in-front.....without much (hardly any) comments on any post.
    That was on the lighter side but i am a regular reader

  2. Thanks Vipin.. Even I am concerned why people have stopped posting comments on my blog (as if I used 2 hav hard time moderating over flowing comments earlier) :D
    But thanks 4 visiting my blog regularly...

  3. hi nikita...
    I still comment on ur posts dear!!

    Hey, i want ur review on the laptop...

  4. oh yes Pranali... u do comment... btw, r u still alive? haven't seen any new post on ur blog...!!

    Laptop is superb (as of now). its 2GB RAM n 320GB HDD. nice features, specially that even one single key can b replaced (instead of replacing de complete keyboard if 1 key has gone wrong); separate Num Pad, web cam... nice one...


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