Thursday, September 9, 2010


Okay. This post especially for my friends at office (on request by them): TTPTTT

TTPTTT: Total Time Pass on Table Tennis (TT) Table
I started playing TT here only but mostly I am a loyal and regular spectator/audience. But these friends of mine, have playing TT as their most important KPI (Key Performance Indicator). Every shot missed is followed by an angry sigh by the player and some yelling by his/her partner. Every successful shot played with style calls for a high-five and applause. When 5 points are lost at a stretch by a team, they try to wake each other up by saying "check". I always wonder what exactly has to be checked. Anyways, that's how they try to bring back some points in their favor.
By now, I can make out a distinct playing style of each of them and the players who play best as a team (any guesses???).
Without taking their names, I may list down few of the actions and characteristics of each of the players. If they are reading this blog (and they have to read it), they may put the name against each of the person against the respective actions in the Comments section:
1. He avoids doing the service at the start of the game
2. He has a unique action while playing, which I have given the name as 'Kung Fu Panda' style- try raising one of your leg half high and raise both your hands and then play the shot, as if doing a Kung Fu stunt
3. He has problems with the side screen – won't reveal what this side screen problem is
4. She can play on two TT tables simultaneously – she plays while running here and there. At times, I can see all three players standing at one place and playing and she being the only one to play while running all over the place
5. He is always energetic while playing – most of the shots that he plays do not land on the table but outside the table – can even start dancing on the ringtone of any mobile phone, which starts ringing in the middle of the game and thus, he can distract other players (beware of this distraction)
6. She keeps on mumbling something while playing – it can be some instructions/strategy that she wants to convey to her team mate or just reciting a checklist of what all she has to do once she is back in office or just a lame comment
I play it whenever I am in a mood and play just for the sake of doing time pass. But the six players mentioned above (in disguise) play to release the frustration, tension, stress and boredom and actually count how many games they have won or lost and discuss over the reasons for the loss. I wish, some of them to take an initiative to hold a 3i Infotech TT Championship soon.
Very shortly, we may be shifting to a new premise and most of them have a major concern of that new office – no TT table. That's sad, I know. Playing TT does offer a major relief/break from the IB that we keep on staring at throughout the day (at times, literally staring at and doing nothing). IB: Idiot Box- the computer.
But whatever it is, TT is the only saving grace or the reason for them to come to office, closely followed by the unpalatable food in the canteen. CHEERS to TT Table…!!!


  1. Superb... excellent... fantabulous... mindblowing.. blogwalli..

  2. 1. Katty Ilias Rajnikant
    2. Srikar Ilias Kungfu Panda Ilias BAB
    3. Nishant Ilias Sumo Ilias Sharmaji
    4. Shikha Ilias Moti Ilias
    5. Gaurav Ilias Pathania
    6. Ritu Ilias Ritu Kumari


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