Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Teacher’s Day!!!

I don’t know how, but today (on THE Teacher’s Day), I just happened to think about my school while I was sitting in my office cab and spotted a school on the way (and I had no idea that today is THE Teacher’s Day).

From that moment onwards my journey was fun. I went back to the memory lanes of my school days. Not that I enjoyed those days as most of the students did/does. Have not been punished much and rarely bunked classes but I was favourite of most of my teachers; not all. That’s what I miss the most.

Due to my father’s transferrable job, I had been to 8 schools and of course, graduation and post-graduation colleges. To adjust to new school every time quickly was no fun task. To join, to adjust and to become teachers’ favourite….hmmmm… I think most of the time my looks did the trick. Don’t go by my current looks but I used to look like geeky, who could do no masti or shararat. I remember many of my friends calling me “kitaabi keeda”. There were occasions when my entire class was on punishment, while I along-with few other geeky kids would be allowed to sit.

All of a sudden, I felt like getting out of the cab, quit the job and go back to school life. Every teacher was unique. One of my history teachers in Delhi, who was definitely close to 60 years of age but wore nice makeup, high heel sandals and dye her hair. One of my English teachers, who could be seen entering the school running with parantha in her hands, screamed at top of her shrill voice and walked in the class bare foot (I am trying to refrain from naming them here). My computer science teacher (whom I totally adore), who actually imbibed in me to think logically always and whose nishana to hit with small piece of chalk on anyone talking was so accurate. My sports teacher in Jaipur of whom almost entire school was afraid but he encouraged ME to play whatever I wanted (and so the entire class had to play that sport ONLY ‘coz that was chosen by me).

But I never had good repo with any of my Maths teacher (ironically, my father was a Maths teacher during his younger days for some time). There was and always will be something wrong with that subject.

Still remember my entire class failing Chemistry 12th Pre-board exam not once, twice or thrice but 4-5 times (except only few 2-3 rare species students) and our sir looking helplessly every time.

And it’s not only School days… how can I ever forget my college? Now that’s where I did some masti. Bothering one of my lecturers every time by asking some question knowing that he does not know the answer and mind you, my questions were never stupid. Only fun part was that I already knew the answer but not him and the multiple changes of expressions on his face at that time.
My economics lecturer during MBA days, who was driven crazy (and I mean that literally) by us... and my MBA friends, am actually not getting his name. If you remember, please update that in Comments section (hint: I used to imitate him in hostel)

No offence to any of my teachers for remembering all the fun things about them but I believe in something, which goes like this: as soon as you become a Teacher, you earn yourself some funny nicknames, you would always be made fun of, you would always be criticized at that time BUT you would always be LOVED the most and remebered by your students (except for few exceptions, of course).

Thanks to all my lovely teachers for making us what we are today. We never believed that you made a difference in our lives when you were teaching us but we can feel it now. I can go on and on to list down each of my teachers but then I would have to write a book….


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