Monday, December 29, 2014

The Epic Year of my life - 2014

With just two more days left for this year to come to an end, i can say that this had been the most memorable and wonderful year of my life. Blessed with a Baby Girl - Navyaa. Sleeping and waking according to her, playing with her, running around her, praying for her... Becoming a mother is the biggest blessing of life. Honestly, I had been pretty occupied with her and spent such a less time to know what happened to the world. With whatever I could listen or read, some heartbreaking incidents took place - Malaysian Aircraft going missing. We cannot even imagine the pain and grief of the families of the passengers on board that ill fated flight. Another such incident occured yesterday with the Air Asia flight. I pray that they could atleast find out what happened to that flight. Peshawar attack on innocent school children. Floods in J & K. Something good which happened was Mr. Modi becoming the Prime Minister of India. No idea how quickly he can turn the future of India toward betterment but have got some faith in our PM who speaks up. 
On personal front, apart from having Navyaa in our lives, have got many events lined up - 3 weddings to attend. My nephew turned One. Our nana ji completed 90 years of his life but unfortunately we lost him the same year. Have been super busy managing office and home but with family support, it had been good so far. 
God knows what this coming year has in store. I know it cannot be all happy 'n' merry but pray for less harsh time. Wishing all of you a Very Happy n Prosperous New Year - 2015!!!

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