Monday, May 11, 2015

Life is Uncertain...

On last Thursday my manager, Dr.Ashok, came back from his hometown after 2 weeks of vacation and we spoke at length about his vacation to my home state Rajasthan, his books, how I can get into professional writing, what I should expect from the new place where I am moving, him gaining 2.4 kg of weight due to awesome food prepared by his mom, his daughter's Bharatnatyam performance and on Friday morning we lost him due to sudden heart attack...

He had a wife and a 10 year old daughter. Now only I came to know more about his family and I can't concentrate anywhere else. Everytime I go to the pantry, I see his empty chair. Unbelievable...
Last month, one of my distant cousins who got married 9 days ago lost his life due to heart attack. Another cousin's wife too lost it to her heart.
I am scared to the core now. Not for my death but what impact it might have on my family, specially my daughter. I am now not feeling any guilt of taking a break from my job because that would mean spending more time with Navyaa. God forbid, if something happens to me the next moment, who will take care of her, will she even remember me once she grows up, how will my family react....???
Everytime something like this happens, we think about it for some time and then forget it and move on but ever since Friday I just can't get over this. Have lost a good man, a good friend of mine.

Lessons learnt: 

1. Spend time with family
2. Don't carry any grudge for long
3. Don't work like a dog in office at the cost of your health - no deadline is that urgent that it should cost you your life
4. Leave office right there once you step out of office. You have another life to live then. Attend to it.

Lot of people love you much more than your boss or client. If you die, it's a big loss to your loved one. Company will immediately replace you after observing a minute of silence...

Dr. Ashok, this post is dedicated to you. May your soul rest in peace and may God give all the strength to your family in this difficult time.

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