Saturday, July 25, 2015

Dear God... ooops... Google

I am there - on almost all social networking sites, including Twitter. So, if someone follows you on Twitter, you are excited and you immediately check their profile. I did the same and found this very interesting picture on his wall.

Google has transformed our lives. You are under stress, you launch Google and type "ways to reduce stress". You need a sample resignation or last day mail, you search Google. You are not recollecting a famous actor's name, start searching randomly about him, you are sure to get the name. Good or bad is a question. Sometimes I think we were better without it. I would rather talk to my mom to reduce the stress than Google it. I would rather use my brain to write something sweet on my friend's birthday greeting card than search on Google for "nice birthday quotes". I would rather talk to my baby's doctor for ways to make her eat properly than google on "ways to handle a picky eater". Tax my brain to remember someone special's birthdays and anniversaries than use Google calendar. 

But now, I can't even think of life without Google or Internet at large. Though I don't have any research as my source to put it here but I am sure that new generation or I should say those who are more exposed to Internet or Google have slower learning power and memory rentention capabilities. Those who are still not much exposed to these mediums remember lot of things and are quick learners and enjoy their lives out in the open, under the sun. 

Oh, and this platform where I am writing all this - Blogger - is from Google too... Jai Google Baba ki!!!!

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