Saturday, December 3, 2016

Just a wish for a Happy New Year...

365 days is a long enough duration to see the good and the bad times. The moment our clocks tick 12 AM on 1st January of the new year, we wish that the year goes good and happy and that we see no bad times. But that's such an unrealistic wish that we all have. We entered into the new year 2016 with our cousin's family with an elaborate and yummy dinner and lot of fun talking. We bought our own home and were preparing for our grah pravesh and just few days before our event, the same cousin of ours lost his father, mother and the brother in an unbelievable accident. Something which jolted us to the core. Made us think all through the days at end of how this could happen to our family. We of course read about tragic accidents in newspaper but never imagined that something like this could happen to our close family. 

Another cousin got married. The event made all of us cheer back for the moment. His father, a cancer survivor was of course happy to the core. Then came the news of his demise due to medical negligence. How can that happen to our family? Yes, medical negligence happens. But to lose someone so close to this was heartbreaking. 

Coming back to normal, lost my uncle few weeks back. I and my brother had practically spent almost all our childhood summer vacations with that family. He was one of the sweetest beings on earth. Had never seen him shouting or scolding our bunch of unbearable kids. One of the closest childhood buddies of my father and a special brother-in-law for my mother. Seeing my mausi all broken down was a heartbreaking sight. As kids, I don't remember hugging her or her kids (who were our best buddies). Felt it all so natural and important to hug them tight at that moment. 

That's life. We are growing up and our parents are growing old. We all know the ultimate truth of life but to face it is still a challenge. I was clueless of what will I say when I reach their home. Will I cry or will I show that I am strong. Will I be able to say something or not. But the moment I saw her, I just wanted to hug her. Nothing that I could say and nothing that anyone had to convey. But it scared me. Losing someone so close always scares me. 

We plan for so many things to do, to say, to convey. But always delay them owing to our busy schedules. We always think that what's the rush. We have time. But the clock is ticking. God is overlooking us and the delays we do. Some times he decides to wake us up with accidents like these. But do we learn? No. We go back to sleep and wake up to another busy day at home and office, often neglecting our parents, their wishes, our friends, the celebrations that we should be part of. My heart says, I don't want money. I want to be my family and friends. I want to enjoy every special moment with them and share every single harsh moment with them. But my mind knows that the job gives me money, job keeps me engaged, money is needed to give a good life, education and comforts to my family and me too. But none of us know the limit of how much money we need, how much time we should lose running behind the clients, the office, the banks... When should we stop running and declare that I have enough money. Now I want to do what I should do for myself... Every new year comes and goes just like that... I just wish... it's a Happy New Year again...

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