Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Drive safely...

So, I drive these days to my office. Driving alone is such a boring activity, at least for me. That too, on the same route daily. But not the same traffic. Traffic in terms of number of vehicles can be less or more but on the scale of how many ‘horrible’ drivers are there on the road, it’s either the same or increases every day. Yesterday I was thinking, probably it’s a problem just with me.

I might be the only one who wants to switch and come in the ‘correct’ lane much before the crossing. I might be the only one who uses the indicator to check, confirm, inform and kind of ask for permission from the vehicle coming behind me to change the lane rather than randomly putting it on while I am recklessly cutting across that vehicle. I might be the only one who is not honking the horn and restlessly jumping from one lane to another wherever I find an inch of extra space, even if that means to jump to right most lane, blocking the way for the people who have to turn right when I have to actually take the left turn. I might be the only one who don’t want to squeeze the right most lane vehicle when I can comfortably drive in my lane. I might be the only one who prefers to apply the brakes and slow down when some slow driving vehicle suddenly come in my lane instead of blindly jumping in my right lane thinking that the idiotic fellow of that lane can apply the brakes. My brakes are supposed to be used only in case of emergency.

Out of the 4 scratches that my car have got in one year, 2 were gifted while my poor rampyaari was silently standing in the parking lot of my office, while I was obviously breaking my head inside the air conditioned office. 1 was when an auto rickshaw zipped across my way coming from nowhere and poor fellow loosened his grip on the break exactly at the time when I sneezed. His auto came backwards and gently kissed my car leaving behind a scar. Wow. That rhymed. The 4th one hurts the most. I don’t have any clue of why I decided to take a U-turn on a busy junction to get into the narrow by-lanes for reaching my office when I had been going straight for good 3-4 months. But I did that since my colleague told me the previous day that those by-lanes are very smooth these days with no traffic. And the by-lane welcomed me with a traffic jam. Spoke to my sister-in-law, listened to 10-15 songs on FM, had one or two biscuits which I normally keep in my car, whatsapped in almost all my active groups and one on one conversations. Finally I was fed up. I mean, hardly a kilometer of a distance and I had been crawling on that stretch from past 40 minutes. When I arrived at the final turn for my office, I see a big car on its lane and an IDIOT biker boy with a girl trying to outsmart everyone jumped ahead and blocked my way head-on, blocking the complete traffic. Only way out was if he could politely go back from where he jumped. But that’s too much for a man and biker boy’s ego. So, he stays and signals me to go ahead since he has given me few inches by ‘adjusting’ his bike position. I knew that I can’t go but by that time I had lost all my patience and zoomed in. That first moment when his bike touched my car, I knew that I have got a scratch but I didn’t stop. I made that biker boy yell and fear and cry for the stupidity that he had done. That meant, my car and his bike, both getting a long scratch. The moment I reached my office I realized that I should not have lost my patience but what to do? I think that auto rickshaws and the bikes are like water. They will fill in every empty space on the road whether that spot is easily reachable or not.

Lot of my colleagues in my office make fun of the speed with which I drive and boast about the maximum speed that they have hit. I don’t want to die in a car crash. You have too much confidence on your vehicle, other vehicles on the road and on God. I don’t. Big deal. I haven’t been in any such emergency situation as yet which makes me accelerate at 130 km/hour speed. For them drive fast gives them a high. For me, it doesn’t.

I don’t understand one thing. Out of 100 vehicles on the road, none or probably except 1-2, have any kind of emergency. Then why are people so restless on the road? Why are they not patient enough to drive in their lanes instead of cutting across like zip-zap? What will they lose or rather what will they gain? They might probably reach their destination 10 minutes earlier. What kind of competition do they want to win? I have seen many times that the cars will keep on honking their horns till you move aside. Why? Can’t you see that there are other vehicles coming from behind and I cannot move to left lane? Can’t you wait? How do you know that I don’t have to take a right turn because of which I am in the lane where I am?

And when it comes to giving way to an ambulance, all of us think that the other lane will make the way. In fact, lot of time you can see lot of vehicles suddenly behind an ambulance because they know that somehow people will give way to the ambulance and we too can tag along. I mean, instead of tagging along from behind, come in front of the ambulance and now honk your horns to help ambulance make its way through the traffic. At least, get aside in case you don’t want to volunteer for that.

Not only the vehicles. People on foot. Why can’t you see the signal and time when you should cross the road? Why do you block half the road for the vehicles/side which have Green signal? Yes, some signals are really long but that’s because they usually have heavy rush. So on such signals, why do you want to cross when it’s a Green light for a side? I often gasp of how people can be so careless on the road. It’s impossible to have zero human error on the road or no accidents. That’s too good a situation to ever happen. But only few things people need to keep in their minds:
  • There is no race. You are not supposed to drive ahead of every vehicle. No need to honk the horns and squeeze or crush other vehicles to make way for yourself
  • You are not an ambulance or a police jeep driver. There is no emergency situation for you. Even if there is, better to keep calm. Else, you yourself are going to land up in the hospital’s emergency ward
  • Learn why your vehicle have been given the horn, brakes and indicator. Seriously. And also that why your country has marked ‘lanes’ on the roads. The government is not that fond of painting that they would make different type of white or yellow lines on the black roads. They are there for a purpose.
  • Always promise yourself that you will drive such that neither you die nor anyone else should get hurt because of your stupidity. It can lead to someone bedridden for life or even losing it
  • There is absolutely no need to honk your horn the moment the signal turns green. For the car or bike ahead of you, it will take at least 2 seconds to put on the gear and accelerate. 2 seconds to move after a green signal does not mean that the driver is stupid or his/her vehicle has broken down. It’s absolutely normal
  • There are many people who love you and rely on you. They may not scream out their love towards you or how important you are for them but be careful on road for their sake.

By the way, my husband in a way confirmed that I am probably the only one who thinks that way – refer to the second paragraph. Scroll up again!! But I am not ashamed of that. Sorry.


  1. Brilliantly put across Nikita. If only thede words make even a fraction of an impact on the "road-legends" ( read jerks, morons), the roads will become so much safer for us humans. You have got a sensible head between your shoulders Nikita. Don't allow some idiots, who take life for granted, affect you. Continue driving safely.

    1. Thanks Bhabhi. Yes, I just wish that even if one person seriously retrospect of how he/she drives and corrects it after reading this post, God will give me some peace. I will definitely continue to drive safely but I just pray that I don't become the victim of someone else's reckless driving... Amen!!


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