Friday, June 25, 2010

What was that???

Last night just before sleeping was watching my current favorite program on Sab TV and there comes the advertisement break. One of the ad actually left me laughing, even when I was all alone in the room. It was not the funny ad but such a stupid one. 
A man is shown running away from the police force wearing a ghaghra choli (female dress) and the force enters a house where all the females are dressed similarly. One of the constables tries to put the veil off from the face of one of the ladies and the force is surrounded by all the ladies present in the room. The goon is also watching their pathetic situation. The head decides to call their boss over the mobile phone. The head is having his lunch and to pick up the phone, he needs to wash his hands but he could not wash. Why?? Any guesses, which product is this ad for? No, not the liquid soap.
V-Guard pumps. Since there was no water in the tank and the head's pump was out of service, there was no water in the tap and thus he could not wash his hands. I mean, c'mon, what was the need to show such a thrilling story? Right now, I cannot suggest some other plot for V-Guard pumps ad, but give me some time and I promise I can come out with a better and much more relevant plot for the pump to make an advertisement on.

Talking about recent ads, I love few of them:

1. Happy Dent ad where men eating Happy dent chewing gum replaces bulbs and lights in the entire village. 
2. Tanishq Wedding Jewelery ad, where a daughter falls in her mother's trap to get married by looking at all the pretty jewelery and the end is amazing. The wife, sitting at the rear seat of the car, sends the SMS to her husband, sitting in the front seat, taunting him of not understanding what a woman wants even after 25 years of marriage. 
3. ICICI bank ad, where an elderly lady keeps on talking to the ICICI executive even when the branch is about to close. Though, that ad still could not convince me that ICICI is such a lovely bank, since I know the reality, thanks to few of my friends working there, but the ad is nice.
4. Saffola Gold ad, though they use the same concept again and again, of a tired husband and a worried wife. This time, when the kid asks his father to become a horse and the father tells him to have a crocodile ride rather, because, crocodile lays still at a place and the father gets to sleep on the floor.
5. Another Ad of, if I am not wrong, Apollo Munich, where a husband and wife wakes up with all the clocks in their house ringing the alarm all at the same time and just when they were worried about whats happening, they saw their child standing at the door with his father's jogging shoes in hand, telling him to wake up early and do some exercises, for healthy living.

There were so many old ads which are still fresh in our minds for there were very limited number of ads and they were so simple to understand and apt for the products. But now in a day, you can watch atleast 10-15 different ads, of which most of them are such waste that you don't actually feel like watching them, forget about buying the product.

Few of the recent ads which I hate: 

1. As mentioned, the V-Guard pumps ad
2. Nirma- where a lady starts singing the traditional Nirma ad, in the most annoying way addressing not a human but the dirty water which was about to splash on her. When she is singing, everything (including the dirty water) becomes still and when the lady finishes her torturous song and indicates the water to fall down, it does... Pathetic.
3. Various undergarments ads, the most annoying being (don't remember the brand) where the chimps are playing around with the man's garments and the same brand, a lady is washing her man's undergarments along a river bank. And the Akshay Kumar's Ad of "Fit hai boss", where he fought as a blind man, only to be later realized by a lady that he is not a blind (when he points out in such stupid way, that her top button is open)
4. Uninor Ad, where a father is scolding his son when he has decided to opt for service over joining his father's shop. And just then his sister comes with his (or someone else's) mobile when he gets his joining confirmation and the father embarrassingly announces that he will bring the sweets in the evening. The son also announces with the utmost pride “Ab mera number hai”. Good, thats what the company Uninor wants to spread, but his joining confirmation could have come on Airtel as well. So, is it about the pride of a person whose fortune has turned skywards or about the mobile connection or its connectivity.
5. Intel Pentium ad, where the growing up of two friends is shown along-with the growth of Intel. Though concept is good, but the other dumb fellow is really irritating with his annoying exclamations and expressions.
6. Once upon a time came Surf Excel's ad where a small boy kicks and fights a pit in which his little sister has fallen and was thus crying. To make her happy, he fights.. so came the message: “daag lagne se agar kuch achcha hota hai, toh daag achche hai”. It was a cute and very relevant ad, but the recent one in which a student imitates like a dog to cheer up his teacher (Ms. Rosy), whose dog has died, it doesn't look cute to me atleast.
7. Akshay Kumar's Ad of a mobile phone where he messes up the entire kitchen of his hotel because he is playing tennis with his ad and laughing and his laughing is so very irritating that you want to change the channel immediately. 

The list, again, can be endless with so many annoying and amazing ads- new or old. I can keep on writing, but you can also contribute with your most favorite and most annoying ads in the comments section. Thank you. And Ad agencies and the brands, please give some nice sensible ads, else you are hurting yourselves. CHEERS !!!

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  1. Another Ad that i saw 2 days back... wich I hated:

    5 Star chocolate: when 2 frnds meet after many many years, recognize each other, take a bite and get lost in 5 star, again recognize each other, another bite and yet again gets lost.. n this goes on.. irritating....


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