Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Okay, I ought to write something but am not being able to write anything. Have tried writing something but every time this Backspace button has erased everything.
"Why is it so important to write something?"
Good question. The answer is that we (I and Nimit) are approaching our first wedding anniversary day. If I can write out a post on every trivial issue, this calls to write a novel, if not, then atleast a post is a must. Since 29th Jan of this year I can clearly recall each day of the last year same time period. That was the day when I gave my office colleagues a nice party and left for Hyderabad to celebrate my brother's 1st wedding anniversary. I and my bhabhi had practiced like maniacs for the dance that we were to perform on my sangeet. We had meticulously planned everything. On 1st Feb 2010, I had landed at Jaipur. Another cousin of mine was getting married on 3rd and so we had attended his sangeet ceremony and were looking forward to the wedding. But then came the day which can be called the villain of my wedding. Caught fever which turned out to be a symptom for Jaundice. 7th Feb 2010 was the day when I was admitted to the hospital. This day when I am writing this post, last year same day same time, I was getting ready to get discharged from the hospital. Guests had started pouring in and my family was struggling to smile and welcome them.
I must not dwell further into how they managed to carry out the wedding with a smile on their faces. That makes me feel more terrible. And it was not only my family which was struggling to keep up the spirits, my in-laws, my close friends and closest relatives, who took turns to look after me and stand by my family to take care of the proceedings.
Exactly a year to the ordeal (not my wedding, but this jaundice thing) and I have no clue how the time has passed so quickly. We have had wonderful times and lot of tensed moments as well. I can say that both of us have changed in this one year. Now I am not much concerned about just a small circle of my acquaintances but a lot of other people- two sets of families and two sets of friendsJ. There was a time, when I was not much worried about my dinner; anything would do but now I have to assure the menu for the three meals in advance. I cannot just like that visit my parents; I have to take care about lot of other things. As for Nimit, I am sure I have made him more patient. No meditation or therapy required for that, it's just that I am a very difficult wife to handle… So the best policy is to be patient J J
Surprisingly, my nature is getting transformed into a typical married woman nature… Every time I open my cupboard, I feel that I don't have good enough cloths to wear (and I should buy more); every time I look into the mirror, I feel that I have gained atleast 10 kg of weight from the last time that I had noticed; every time I talk to any bachelor friend of mine, I ought to ask him/her about his/her wedding plans; I have started being a part of the gossip groups; have started discussing with other married female friends of mine about the type/categories of husbands and place our respective husbands in one of the categories... Phew… That's quite a big change in me…
Nimit has learned quite a lot about kitchen etiquettes (he helps me a lot there); he is getting to used to be called JIJU/Nimit JI; his wardrobe has some forced (thanks to me) entrants- strange colored, shaped and sized cloths; he now has an account on one of the most happening social networking sites and is regular on it; now his to-do list of weekends also has shopping, movies and eating out; his family has also discovered that he can SING those songs which no one has listened to or don't even recall (though they think that I am the reason for this change in him but I must confess that even I am not aware of such songs and his IQ about movies is not bad at all)
There are lot many things to relish about this past year… Lot of things to learn from to grow mature with each passing year… I just wish and pray to God to help us make each other's lives ever wonderful and enjoyable and keep us together forever…. Amen!!!


  1. this post calls for the Anniversary treat!!

  2. Pranali... it was celebrated nicely wid parents and family members... 3 days treat actually...

  3. HI Nikita,
    must say that opening the cupboards and realizing there isnt one good thing to wear, is not just the trait of a wife, its the trait of a 'girl' and a 'woman'! ha ha...i still have the same issues, my two pregnancies that were so close, did change it a bit since i managed almost three years in maternity clothes, but now i am back to the dilemma...always. Marriage changes so much to both peoples lives, but remember to keep that smile on and enjoy every bit...wishing you and nimit many many happy returns. Shilpa

  4. Thanks a lot shilpa di..
    never knew that u also hav a blog..wid only 1 post though :D

  5. Nikita, I meant treat for me!!!

  6. hahaha... sorry.. i must hav hurt ur feelings Pranali... u r most welcome 4 de treat...
    lemme knw when r u landing here at Blore...

  7. so did u read my blog. It was so heartbreaking to write it that everytime i go there to write more stuff i end up reading it and then i just log out (or maybe my brain logs out); thats why just one post. Probably THE most painful moments of my life put down, after my heart and mind had completely clogged. My brother suggested it, bless him, and it helped me move on. I admire you for doing this with such ease. and maybe i'll start writing on the blog again.

  8. Best lines
    "If I can write out a post on every trivial issue, this calls to write a novel"
    and d whole cupboard para...... fantastic.
    was wishing(rather thinking :P) to drop comment on ur blog ,wat more auspicious post cud it be den dis..:)
    happy writing :)


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