Monday, March 7, 2011

Long Time, No See....

Appraisal time is here again. Lot of stress on my mind to mention two significant accomplishments during the appraisal period; what were the facilitating factors which helped me perform and what were the limiting factors… what are the comments which I would want to give to my company… This is the third time that I am filling these fields and every time it looks as if I am a fresher. I had repeated the same comments this year as well. I still have not learnt how to mention limiting factors in the professionally subdued language. I have to check it again and again before final submission.
By the way, I was just going through the statistics of my blog and found out something important. As an analyst, I ought to join the dots and get some information out of the loose ends; so please don't mind if you find out my 'analysis' as a complete waste. The most viewed/visited post of mine till now is the Last Day at Office and the second place is held by Self Appraisal post. And this Self Appraisal post has gained its popularity during this time of the year: appraisal time. But the Last Day at Office has been the winner since the day it had been published. I guess people get to this post of mine when they must have been searching for the suitable "last day" mail of theirs in the office on Google (only to find out that the last day mentioned there is absolutely different from what they have been searching for J )
It has been almost a month that I have last written. Had been neck deep buried with work at office, lot and lot of things happening at home and left with absolutely no time to stop and write.
Biggest news to share: my best friends are now parents of a healthy baby boy named as Aiman- meaning Fearless. I regularly take a look at his pictures before I start my work at office. It's like a feel good factor. Newborns- they have so many things at their disposal these days (this statement made me realize that I am growing old and that I belong to such an old generation L). Yesterday, we were searching for some suitable gift for another baby- my cousin also became a dad recently (two more ladies to deliver in coming months- year 2010 and 2011 looks like the most auspicious years I guess). I was surprised to see the kids section. Such pretty small things, but mind you, none of them can be called inexpensive. Bed covers fitted with a jersey, tiny little clothes, shoes, washing machine, bottles, sterilizers, lullaby players, cots, prams and what not. My sister-in-law informed me of a gym for babies this morning!!!! Gosh…. All of them pretty enough to lure any parent to buy them even if they may not need them. At the end, I got confused and decided to revisit the shops to finally buy something suitable later.
Holi is round the corner and this would be the third year in a row without 'playing' holi. But I am expecting my favorite delicacies of Holi from my mom- Gujiya and Papdi. That would help for some time… Till my next post, stay fit and stay happy… CHEERS!!!

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