Monday, March 28, 2011


Here it is… My 100th Post on this blog… a big MILESTONE…

Ever since I can remember, I have never missed the Filmfare awards night and every time after watching it, I would dream of giving a Thank You speech someday. As there is no chance of giving the speech on the Filmfare platform, let me have the honor on my Blog platform (which holds equal importance in my life now)
"First of all, I would like to thank God (look upwards) for giving me enough time to put all junk in my head in words and irritate others. Then, I would like to thank someone who introduced this concept to me. He is none other than my husband's mother-in-law's daughter-in-law's husband. His was the first blog ever that I read and was awestruck to see that he can write such beautifully and then I tried to imitate him and created my own blog (that has been a practice since childhood- imitating him). Unlike me, he is such a sensible person and even more sensible writer. Though, at this moment, I have more number of posts than his but if you want quality and not the quantity, you can refer to his blog (but that does not mean that you have to completely ignore mine).
After him, I would like to thank those people who read my blog and on top of it; they congratulate me on my writing skills. Those who tell me this on my face, I can clearly look into their eyes and tell what's going on in their minds ('how much rubbish this girl can write and when will she stop???!!!'). But still, a big thanks to all of them for being kind enough to me. Then came a time, when I started publishing my every new post on my FB profile and that was the height of irritation caused by me to my FB friends. Still, there are people who take the onus of clicking on that 'Like' button and encourage me to continue with my efforts. They deserve another Thank You from my side. Love you guys.
A partial Thank You to my company. Partial, because, I can open the blogger dashboard but can't view my own blog (actually, I can't view any blog). So, Thank You for enabling the blogger dashboard so that I can atleast post my rumblings without waiting to reach home. And No Thank You for disabling the blogs.
Now, a Thank You to Anjana Ma'am, Dhaam Ma'am and John Sir and other English teachers who taught me this wonderful language and favored me way too much over other students by overlooking my grammatical mistakes which greatly helped me in learning and loving this language, unlike Mathematics, where almost all my teachers pointed out my minute mistakes, which lead me to hate that subject. I mean, I know 2+2 =4 and not 40, but at times, you ought to give a benefit of doubt to the poor child so that she can atleast love the subject. You don't have to point out every mistake committed.
And how could I forget my parents. Thank You mummy for making me cram the complex spellings during my kindergarten days. Thank You papa for subscribing to Reader's Digest (which I never read, except Fun Sections) and buying Champak comic book in English, rather than Hindi.
It was not easy to achieve this milestone. I hope that I would continue entertaining (read: irritating) you guys forever and achieve more milestones. Thanks for being with me and undergoing the torture of this very short Thank You speech (I am going to cry now). Take care"


  1. Ur isolated dreamy fulfillment always....;)


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