Thursday, March 17, 2011


Just now I got confused… My closest friend who is working as an Assistant Director and Creative Director and what not in Bollywood sends me a simple SMS in the morning, just when I was getting down from my office bus to enter the hell, saying: "M in hospital..."
All panicky, I call her up to enquire as to what has happened and there she is calmly narrating how she met with the accident and has a broken wrist and had undergone a surgery yesterday. I know she has broken each part of her body till now atleast once and is unaware of the words like pain and fear but she has a badly broken wrist today. Finally, on a happy note we ended the call… (Happy, 'coz, she hates being sad and since there is no pain and she was happy to 'see' her surgery while the doctors operated on her wrist)
Just now she sends me another SMS informing me that Johnny Lever and Gulshan Grover had come to see her and are taking care of her bills (due to urgency she was admitted to one of  the most popular and thus costly, hospitals). I should ideally not be happy or excited since my friend is in the hospital and have a broken wrist. But here I am replying to her SMS that "WOW... please tell Johnny Lever that I loved him in Baazigar"… As soon as I sent that SMS, I felt so bad [read: guilty]...
Why do Bollywood and people related to this industry always excites me??!!!
I wish my friend gets well very soon…


  1. Wow...this is really very beautiful to see your blog....!

  2. Thanks Mansi. Glad that you liked it... Hope you read my blogs as well.. apart from the site :P (kidding)
    Btw, from where did you land up on my blog??
    Happy reading....CHEERS!!!


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