Friday, October 7, 2016

Proud of you Army...

Though I am least interested in the political affairs of my country, but it is becoming hard to ignore them now. Time and again our country has been tortured by terrorists. Every time we having been churning out enough proofs to show where are they coming from, which country is backing them up, training them for this kind of war. Every time such attack happens, our highly intellectual and desh-bhakt politicians give a statement - 'We strongly condemn the attack. Those who are behind all this will be punished. We are united in this hour of grief... blah blah blah and more blah....'. Appear for debates on news channels, give more and more ridiculous statements and then, everything goes back to normal. Those who lost their near ones continue to cry and pray to God to punish those terrorists. And then, another attack.

One man of the country who has taken up the responsibility of our safety seriously tries to talk through for peace with our neighbor, with obviously no outcome, gives a go-ahead for a surgical attack, our highly skilled army does the job brilliantly, the enemy is shocked and shattered, we Indians feel proud to finally find a man who walks the talk and then our in-house traitors stand up and asks for proof that such a surgical attack actually happened or not.

Such men (and women) should stand up, walk up to a mirror, see their face, give a tight slap on their face and say - I am a traitor who can only doubt my army - the men/women in uniform who risk their lives while I sleep peacefully and gulp in the black money. After saying this loud, give another tight slap on their face and say - I am an even more dangerous enemy of my country.

I mean, you fools... You are doubting your own force??!! They stand guard in the toughest of the conditions literally in front of bullets so that you and I can live a normal life. And you are questioning them whether they actually were brave enough to kill our external enemies!! 

Okay, for a minute lets think that nothing like that happened. Probably, it was a 'publicity stunt' by our PM (because, you are oh-so-very-jealous of him). Is he such a big fool to risk the entire country's safety by annoying his neighbors with such a false news? If you say, YES, oh-puleeez, he is not that big a fool to match your standards of foolishness. 
If it was not a publicity stunt but a thought-through tactic to disturb the enemy and luring them to come out in the open and attack us so that we can kill them on our land, for God's sake, be a part of that plan. 

If you can't praise all of this, just because you just can't digest that Modi regime can do that, then at least don't question our army.
In fact, its a great time to clean up internal enemies. Ask a question to every Indian. Those who thinks that the surgical strike never happened or should not have happened, raise the hands. Those who does, kill them instantly. I am sure, it must be disheartening for our soldiers and their families when they might have heard anyone asking for proofs. That soldier, who is guarding us, is being paid 1/3rd of what we earn monthly (and I am talking about middle class IT/white collar category). That soldier lives away from his/her family for months together. Their kids know them through letters or mobiles now. Their wives are almost always prepared for the bad news. Yet, their kids want to grow up and join the armed forces. Because they know that their dad/mom is a HERO and they want to become a HERO themselves. 
Yet, they live every moment knowing that it might be their last moment to live. Yet, they don't give up till their last breath. Yet, they want to die fighting for the country. Yet, they stand tall and alert for us. Yet, they are being questioned...

What do these people expect? That Mr. Modi should have called for a meeting with all the MPs, MLAs of the country and ask for a permission to carry out this mission? That the army jawan should make a video while they kill their enemies? That once the mission was over, they should submit a video-graphic proof to the common people of the country that they actually risked their lives for them?

Some people said that such a strike was done during Manmohan Singh's time as well. Might be. At that time, they chose not to make a big deal about it. Their choice. This time it was felt necessary to make a big deal about these strikes to announce to the world that India is no longer going to keep quiet. 

Yes, I believe that an artist is an artist, be it an Indian or a Pakistani. But in this situation, why only Indians are trying to protect them, while they conveniently choose to remain silent on the attacks done by their country on us? When Pakistan is quick to ban so many Bollywood movies, artists and performers from India, why are we so eager to entertain their artists and serials with a red carpet? 

At this time, I can only think of the legendary scene from the movie A Wednesday where Naseerudin Shah reveals the reason behind his act. Time and again we are asked this question that we will kill you in your own home, what can you do? This is the perfect answer to that question.

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