Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Digital Life

So. It was raining continuously for over a week here at Hyderabad to an extent of making us bored. My baby and parents could not go out for playing or walking. They had to keep all the windows closed to avoid harsh rain water from coming inside. I had to think twice before leaving from office due to heavy rains and had horrible time driving in nearly 0 visibility. All in all, everyone fed up with rain. Kept on praying to God to stop for some time. Didn't help. Finally, what do a Facebook addict do? Obviously post some thing about this on her page. That I did. Here is what I posted:

"bas karo maharaj. ek din chod ke baras lena... i am missing Sun God... continuous rains since 3 days...
As Navyaa says - Rain Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day... Little Navyaa Wants to Play..."

Bang... Rain stopped for exactly one day and resumed after that.

Little Navyaa and her mommy wondering if God really has a Facebook account??!!

Two days later, I get an e-mail from supposedly a Padre who has received a message from my own personal GUARDIAN ANGEL who has contacted him personally to 'transmit' his message to me!!!

Little Navyaa and her mommy again wondering if God has a Google account??!!

Everyday we see scores of messages on Facebook with heart wrenching photographs asking people to Type Amen or face 10 years of bad luck and I see my friends actually typing Amen on them.
Like if you have the Best Mom in the World... What if I don't press the Like button over there? Will my Mom be termed as the Worst mom in this world??!!
Out of 271 Friends that I have on my FB account, I think there are hardly 20 of them who genuinely read my posts, like my photos. There are other 10 who never even log in to FB but randomly give me a call to talk. Rest all had been added because we either studied together or worked together and now we want to remain in touch and feel jealous with fancy holiday photographs.

When I have to write my feedback on a form after I take any interview these days, my hands shiver and I write almost illegible words which I myself cannot read after five minutes. Why? I use laptop these days. I mean, I have been using laptop since past 10 years now (or more).

I almost feel suicidal some times when I see some of my highly intellectual friends sharing some debatable news item along with their opinions. How can they read so much? Believe me, they are spending too much time on reading incorrect news. News which was created to create tension, to grab the eyeballs and to let down some or the other party/community.

One crime or incident and 10 different point of views. Why? Because everyone is free to give their opinion on this digital platform. It's free. So, post your opinion with a catchy headline and enjoy the show.

We may laugh on this but in India the only channel which gives the news might be DD National. All others are debate channels. And they have online/digital presence as well, in case you miss their SHOW.

This Facebook addict needs a Digital Detoxification therapy. No FACEBOOK TOMORROW. But I will share this on my FB Page before I start this therapy :)

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