Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me...

Yes, it was my birthday few days back, 27th June. Don’t ask the age.
Celebrated with bhaiyya and bhabhi at their place. It was short but again a memorable trip. Bhabhi tried her best to prepare those dishes which I normally miss being away from home. Chole-Poori, pao-bhaji and finally, gatte. Cut the cake at 12 midnight, when all three of us ran to change from our rag-type clothes to good presentable clothes, for we were to do the photo session at the cake-cutting-ceremony (we actually put on some deodorants as well, as if the camera is going to capture the smell also). Got an external hard-drive of 320 GB and a suit as gifts. The hard-drive is so sleek and trendy. All of us fell in love with it. Friends called to wish (if they had not, I would have murdered them). My mom was trying to remind me of my age, typical of mom. Clicked each others’ photo and few using the timer technique and smiling just at the moment when the camera would capture the photo (now we are trained to smile at the camera running on the timer). Next morning went to watch New York, first most sought-after movie after some disturbances between the producers and the multiplex owners’ associations, when no movie was being released. The movie can be considered ok types. It was going good. John and Katrina played their roles nicely. But the logics given by Irrfan Khan were totally unconvincing. Neil Nitin Mukesh. What to say. Initially was good, but at the end, the most annoying acting by him. By yes, I liked the concept. Not based on WTC 9/11 attacks but what happened, to whom after that, which sent the shiver down our spines. It was scary. Could not even imagine what such people would have gone through. The torture, the humiliation, the treatment; what was shown in the movie could have been just the tip of an iceberg. And it became a blame game. The FBI told that they had orders from their seniors, their seniors told that they had orders from the government, the government officials told that they were ordered by the President. And the President simply said that “I never ordered for such torture”. But they were tortured and the world knew. I still remember reading news about such jails in USA after the attacks. If I knew this, I can’t believe that the President of that nation was not aware. He could have stopped all that as soon as he came to know about it.
Anyways, back to my birthday. After movie, we were roaming in the mall. This roaming proved a bit expensive for my brother since two of us bought 3 t-shirts and made him buy 2 shirts for himself and again a photo session. Copied few serials like F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Prison Break, Byomkesh Bakshi and movies to the hard-drive. My joy was coming to an end. Bhabhi prepared besan laddoos. And I have to say. They were almost same to what my mother prepares. Finally, I am back to where I never wanted to come.

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