Wednesday, July 1, 2009


My tauji, my father’s elder brother, retired on 30th June, 2009, yesterday. He stays with my parents. His wife is no more in this world and he has no kids. But then, he love all the kids of our family like a father.
I called him up to congratulate him. I asked how many years of service. I had to make him repeat. 38 years. My God!!! And I was celebrating the completion of my one year in the job, in the same company where I joined a year ago as if I have conquered the Mt. Everest. 38 years of untainted service record. It sure calls for a celebration and yes, it was arranged and he was getting ready for it. My father will also retire the next year. And I have, since my birth, seen him in the same bank.
I sometimes think how they managed to stick to the same company for so long. Many answers and many reasons. May be they were never so ambitious; they were never so insecure; they had limited spending; they invested in a planned way in few but secure means; they never had such stiff competition at work place; the companies also made them a part of their family. So many reasons to stick to the same company for so long.
As oppose to these reasons and the temperament of our elders, we always live in the environment which is full of tensions; we are over ambitious, which if not fulfilled hurts us; we are so insecure that each day I pray to God to save my job, which I can lose without any fault of mine; why is it that I would feel jealous and pull down of any of my peer who is ascending the success ladder; why do I invest my limited salary in so many places for future that for my present, I have to think twice before spending; why do I have to pretend myself in my social circle to maintain it; why do I buy expensive phones, clothes and dine at expensive hotels and cafes just to remain the part of the herd.
I remember that my father finally bought his own house in the year 1998-99, but most of our generation tries to own a house and car in early stages of life so that we have ample time to pay back our loans. Most of us are re-paying at-least 2-3 loans and credit card bills by now.
Even after retirement, we may not retire, for we would have left so much mess behind us to clear. But I wish that my elder generation do retire in the true sense. CHEERS!!!


  1. Hi Nikita,
    Nice to read this ! Well I was a few years ago with someone who at 76 has worked for 55 years now with the same boss ! When I asked him the secret he said golden words " To get a Hanuman, you have be a Lord Ram first". Since our bosses are not like that Great Ruler, they don't get loyal followers.
    Remember, soidiers don't die for their country, they die for their regiment first. we can still learn a lot of lessons from our brothers and sisters in the army. They live very frugal lives, don't go to pubs and bars and all so often, don't have credit cards and work hard to build their present and save for the future.
    And yeah, they mostly serve their lives out there !


  2. Also as I said, the company now-a-days do not believe in making the employee a part of its family (and vice-versa also holds true, can't say what is the outcome of what), so why should I stick to any company. As you mentioned, Army. Its not that the army-men do not drink or dance. They do, but all that fun is done amongst the army family (we can take army as a company). So, why won't a soldier stay loyal to his company and die, if need be....
    Civilian employees still searching for Shri Ram..


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