Saturday, August 15, 2009


Well well well.. I am back to blog after so many days, rather weeks. Lot many things happened. I shifted from the PG to a flat with my colleague-cum-friend. We spent almost 2 weeks to make the place comfortable for us. Bought TV with cable, got the net connection, gas connection, mattresses, utensils, and many other things... What was the hurry to do so? My mother was coming to stay with me for a week.
Here is what was strange about her visit. I was so very happy that she is coming to stay with me, but was worried about it as well, because I was not sure if I have made the place comfortable enough for her. She was travelling alone by plane for the very first time. But the moment she came out of the airport with the trolley and spotted me, there was this kid-dish smile on her face, an indication that she had no problem during the flight. When she came, the first thing that she noticed was that my flat didn’t have any balcony. That meant that she would have to be confined in the two rooms throughout the day when I would be in my office. That made me sad because I know that she cannot sit at one place for long. Then, being bachelors, mattress on the floor is the best and the most luxurious bed. But she was having difficulty in sitting down and getting up every time. I left my mobile with her so that she could at-least talk to her usual gang. She can now watch her serials without any disturbance. With a bachelor’s point of view, I had tried to make the place as comfortable as I can, but my mind would always keep wandering back to what she might be doing at home, when I am at office. I would call her after every 1 or 2 hours just to know that she is ok. Although she would always sound as if she is having a good time here, but I would want her to go back as soon as possible since I knew that she is not at all comfortable here. That is how parents are.
Then we went for some window shopping one Saturday. That was the best day. With no intentions to buy anything, we entered in a shop, Soch. Within 40 odd minutes, we ended up buying 7 sarees!!! Then wandered here and there, did some heavy bargaining with road side vendor for wooden carvings. Finally was the time to go to Hyderabad to visit my brother for Rakhi. There she got ample space to stretch herself and rest, which relieved me as well. Had fun on Rakhi. Very excitedly booked the tickets for Love Aaj Kal. Went to watch it but all of us came out with the same expression – “the movie was such a crap, over-rated and over-hyped”... Just the songs were good. Then we did some shopping for papa. Finally was the time to part again. Mom had to go back to Jaipur and I had to come back to this boring place. Once back to our destinations, everyone started feeling bored. First day after I came back, I was missing her so badly because in the previous week I would literally run up the stairs to find her standing on the door waiting for me. Now there was no one.
But my parents had no time to get bore, because they had to prepare for their first foreign holiday. I just wish that they have a great vacation and I am already eagerly waiting for their photographs!!!

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  1. nice post with beautiful lines...missed the Banking wala trolley part :)


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