Thursday, August 27, 2009

They are Back...

Phew...!!!!!!!! Finally, yesterday I could talk to my papa and today I could talk to my ma after almost 12 days. No, no family quarrel, just that they were on their foreign holiday (I and bhabhi have started calling "foreign" as "phoren", and now ma-papa are officially "Phoren returned") and their happiness can be felt in their voices. They are refreshed. Had been to Malaysia, Singapore and Bangkok.
So much they want to tell and express, and so much we want to know. But these distances... Mobile phones have cut down the distances but still, there are situations when you want to sit and talk face-to-face.
The funniest incident I have come to know about their trip: Bhabhi had messaged them the names of the choclates that we wanted. But the shopkeeper was not able to understand them at all. English VS Chinese kinda situation. Finally ma suggested papa to handover the phone itself to the shopkeeper. Let him read the message and get the Choclates... Finally, our choclates are waiting for their proud owners, at Jaipur.
And these SMSes will never be delivered when you desperately want them to be delivered. Bhabhi suggested that I should tell them to get an IPOD for me from Bangkok. I messaged them, with the complete name, model and the approximate price. BUT, the SMS did not deliver. Before I could realize this and re-send the message, they were already on their way back to India... SAD...
But no issues. Atleast they have enjoyed and had a completely different experience of their life and an unforgettable vacation. Now they are back. And I am happiest because now I can resume my long phone calls with ma-papa :)


  1. Yhea.. this airtel guys dont deliver the most imp. messages. Now you should claim that IPOD from Airtel. Anwys Ipods are waste, my personal exp.

  2. English vs. Chinese is an issue dear..


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