Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mind Flu...

Few weeks ago, we Indians got another phenomenon to talk about. Swine Flu. Now I don’t remember where did it all started from (may be America), but this is something all of us are talking about at-least five times a day. And thus has started new chains of forwarded mails, jokes, cartoons, new and fancy kind of masks, debates etc etc.
In our offices, if someone just says that he/she is not feeling well or is down with fever or sneezes by chance, God save that soul. The entire office would start cracking jokes about that fellow having swine flu. The other day, my friends at office were planning to cough and sneeze exactly on faces of their bosses, so that they may grant few leaves.
Mails regarding how swine flu started (showing it started from America and their love for Pigs- few photographs of Americans playing with pigs), what swine flu is all about, how to take precautions, what are the symptoms, kind of masks to be used etc have become common these days.
The effect of which is that anyone with fever for more than 3 days or with the problem of cough, is running to the hospitals for the free medical check-up. Irritated with this and not being able to handle such huge turn out of patients, the Karnatka state government published three levels of symptoms and mentioned it clearly that anyone showing third level symptoms only to take up the test, others will not be entertained. But in the same state, if we see the pattern of deaths due to swine flu, patients did not bother in the first two stages and by the time they found out the third level, it became too late and they succumbed to the flu. Now anyone anywhere dies of fever is reported “suspected swine flu” patient, creating a panic situation in that city. The government itself is creating panic and at the same time advising the citizens not to panic. In short, everyone is confused.
Doctors are telling which type of masks to use, but you can find road side vendors’ also selling “some” masks on the traffic signals and people are indeed buying them. I doubt if these masks may actually help anyone and whether or not they are new/ sterilized. Swine flu may affect someone’s body but with all those rumors, panic situations, unavailability of drugs, proper masks and information, this swine flu has become a Mind Flu. Wish that we come out of this as soon as possible...

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  1. Great post!
    "Mind Flu" is the most suitable name i guess....In a country like India, where millions of people are affected with TB in each city and none is bother to wear a mask, where millions of people exposed to high risk of AIDS and still doubtful about condoms, Swine flu with around 60 deaths yet has successfully marked a mark!


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