Saturday, August 15, 2009

Observation 3

This is an observation that these days I not only make when I am travelling in my cab but every where. KIDS.
I don't know if the kids these days are actually so cute or we have started observing now only.
I don't know if it is the natural charm of the kids or the dresses and various accessories these days that make them look so cute.
I know they are more mischievous than us, but they "look" so dumb, stupid and yet cute in whatever they do.
Last month when my mother was here, I noticed a Toy Mall. A big showroom exclusively for kids. I decided that we would go in there (although we have no one as of now in our family for whom we can buy any of these things). And the moment we entered in the showroom, I was awestruck by the range of toys and accessories for kids. My God. There were these miniature battery operated bikes, TV (an actual TV) in various colorful shapes, thousands of toys, soft toys, gadgets.. And the best of all, which I had seen for the first time. A washing machine for kids. Another elderly lady asked me if this machine actually washes clothes. I curiously enquired about it with one of the sales girl and she confirmed that it actually is a working washing machine for kids with a capacity of 2.5 KG. That was awesome.
There we saw the typical of kids. One such boy got hold of a car and was running it on the floor in a corner, making sounds of the car with his mouth. The moment sales girl asked him to hand it back to her, he just took the car and refused to give it back to her and started running here and there away from the sales girl...
We decided to sit on a bench kept just outside the showroom. We would see that the parents were taking their children to this showroom to buy something and the children were so excited that they were hopping up and down, wearing the best of their clothes. Some of them were coming out happily for they were given what they wanted but few were coming out crying because they were not given what they wanted.
Anywhere I go these days, I can see such bubbly kids with chubby cheeks that I often wonder why we were so skinny in our times. I still remember that the younger kids of the family would mostly wear clothes of their elder siblings. But now all of them have separate wardrobes with all sorts of colorful clothes and accessories.
I am not saying that I had a bad time as a kid and that it was unfair to me that I didn't had such cool clothes, miniature TV, washing machine, beds, etc. But now when I see all these things, I wish to go back to the time when I was an infant and want to grow up again!!!

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