Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The End...

I was working in my office at 4 p.m. when I got this mail on my official mail ID. It said “From: The GoI” and the content said to watch the news (on any National or International channel) sharply at 8 p.m. IST. I was puzzled. Then the same mail came in my other mail boxes as well. Alarmingly I asked my colleagues if they too have got such mails. They had. All of us were puzzled. But had no idea as to what this was all about. After office, we were going home in our cab, when all of us could see that everyone on the road is rushing somewhere. May be to watch the 8 p.m. news. This is serious, I thought. I reached my place and sat in front of the TV to get some clue. All the news channels were highlighting to watch the live telecast of something at 8 p.m. I called up my parents. The line was busy, but I got through. They too were tensed.
Finally 8 p.m. arrived and our common room was packed. The news channel directed us to NASA press conference which was packed with media persons from all over the world. The President of US and UK and other nations were there along-with NASA’s top authority. The Chairperson of NASA cleared his throat and the room felt silent. He said “THE WORLD IS COMING TO ITS END”. WHAT!!!! Did he actually say that? There was a sudden uproar everywhere. The man waited for next 2 minutes and started again. He explained that “our planet is going be hit by 3 meteors after 14 days and the impact will not be on one city or nation but the earth. This fact was checked and re-checked in the last one week and finally confirmed”. Each of his words were hitting our ears but making all of us deaf. The earth is going to collapse... How is this possible? 3 meteors and they were identified just a week back. And he said that we, supposedly the most intelligent race- mankind, cannot stop it from occurring. “So, do whatever you want to do. Don’t go to office, pray to God, stay with your parents, meet your friends, eat whatever you want and don’t bother to pay or collect your money since everything is going to end”.
My knees were becoming weak to support my body to get up and run to my parents and brother and bhabhi, my friends, who all were posted in different cities, to those people whom I was fond of. I could not think anything. I was sweating. Then suddenly I decided to call my parents and brother. That all of us should come to one place and die. But all the lines were jammed. Another idea clicked my mind. I decided to run to the nearest cyber cafe and book my and my brother and bhabhi’s tickets to home. I will take my friend’s credit card to book them; I anyway don’t have to pay her back. But the cafe was closed. I could see that the roads which had deserted a few minutes ago was flooded with mad rush from all the directions. Meanwhile, I was trying each second to make the call. I went back in my room to pack my bag and rush to the airport. I reached there in 5 hours. It was mid-night. The auto driver did not take money and I knew why. But there was a curfew at the airport. By that time phone lines were getting clear. I called up my local friend and asked him to lend his bike so that I can go to my brother. He did. I bid him goodbye and thanked him to lend me the bike. It was 5 a.m. when I started on my journey. Reached his place at 6 a.m. the other day. By that time he has already tied up with our cousin who too had to go to Jaipur to be with his parents by his own car. Without waiting or talking we started driving towards Jaipur, driving turn by turn and on the maximum safe speed. We reached there and bhabhi’s parents and brother had also come there and then we had nothing to worry. 4 out of 14 days had passed. We talked and talked; hardly slept. We met all our local relatives by calling them at one place. Bandwidth of phone lines and internet has been increased to maximum. So, daily would talk to all my friends for hours.
Finally, the day arrived. We prayed in the morning and waited. Then, we saw it coming. The sky went dark. The breeze was now a hurricane. We held each other tightly. It hit us and we saw each other for the last time.
And then I woke up full of sweat and heart beating faster. It was my ugly dream which was the result of watching too many Hollywood movies like these.

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  1. oh god..this is scary..

    Both of us are getting nasty and wilddreams these days :)


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