Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nice short story...

Hi.. after a long gap (not very long). I had been unusually busy in lot of work at office. So much so that I worked even on weekend !!! Lot of work, some useful, most of all crap. But I am proud of my multi-tasking, that I could manage to take time off for Gtalk and a bit of Fwds management. Baring few of my friends, conversed with all.
Today, while I was still busy, my friend pinged me on gtalk once. Could not see what has been written there at first (my boss was sitting next to me, how can I?). As soon as my boss went back to his place (right beside my seat), I quicky read what was there in the tiny blinking chat window.
Sharing the beautiful short story with you people:
Once I had to walk on a rope bridge. It was very high, I was scared. I saw my friend on the other side and called him out for help but there was no reply . I somehow managed and crossed the bridge. There I was shocked to see my friend holding the end of the broken bridge...sometimes we think why our friend is quiet when we call for help.... he may not help you in crossing the bridge but he might be holding the broken bridge for you ... just trust your friends in every situations, bcoz they are your real asset.
Hope you like it. Will be back asap.. Till then, keep well.. CHEERS !!!

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