Wednesday, June 10, 2009


As soon as I entered my PG, my room-mate’s sister broke the news that she could not get through the IBM recruitment process. I was left speechless but still managed to console from my end. I am very bad at consoling people especially in situations like this. Instantly it reminded me my placement time. How grateful God had been on that day and the most unusual thing that He did to me. So, thought of sharing it with you.
It was 1st October, 2007. My 3rd semester papers got over 3 days back, and I had already relaxed a bit. I was searching for my original mark-sheets and other documents, because 3rd October was the D-Day for me. Day 0 of our campus placement and I was to appear for the very first time for any company. Other friends of mine had already been a part of few pre-placement filtration tests and had been unlucky. On face of it, I was pretending to be absolutely cool. But I know how nervous I was to face my failure.
That day, I realized that I do not have the original mark-sheets of my 1st and 2nd semester and neither do I have their photo-copies. My father confirmed it. In the evening my mother called up and said that they are visiting me tomorrow and getting it to me, since 2nd October would be a holiday and courier won’t deliver it. I resisted once but I knew that I need them at this time, so succumbed to their persuasion. Next morning they came. We chatted for sometime and my father went to Delhi to his friend’s place. My mom checked my and my friends’ coat, shirts, buttons, and files and if anything required final touch. In the evening she took me to the temple. She made me sleep early without thinking much about next day.
The D-Day arrived. All of us (all the girls of the PG) got ready, prayed and my mom distributed prasad to each one of us. I left my mobile with her for contacting me. We entered college at 8:30 a.m. First pre-placement talk with Wipro left me disappointed since I was not eligible. Next was 3i Infotech. Process was simple. First level has to be cleared on the basis of CV short listing and then the interviews. First list of students came. My name was announced once but not in the repeat call. I was furious. I had a technical background as well as my specialization suits the profile. I had lunch. As soon as I was about to storm the panel’s room, my friend told me that another list has come and only my name was there and that I am being called for the interview. Before I could realize anything, I was facing the interview. First one was a cake-walk. I cleared it. For the second round, I had to wait till I was just the last one to be interviewed. Before I could go in for the next round, I saw the company people saying that since the list have already been prepared, no more interviews. But my placement co-ordinator arranged for it. I was disheartened but still maintained my composure. By the time, it was over; it was already 9:30 p.m. Almost 13 hours were over. My parents called me up on my friend’s mobile and told me that they are coming to see me at the college and then go back to Delhi, since its already late to go back to Jaipur. I met them and said good-bye with a heavy heart. I reached the waiting room on 5th floor and...
My friend tried to explain me something while talking to her mother on phone. I could not get it, but she was happy. Then I located sikgurum. She too was happy and talking to her mother. The moment she saw me, she declared that both of us have made it to this company. WOW. She was kind enough to disconnect her call and let me call my parents to stop the car. But they had already stopped. I ran downstairs to find chinchu. Hugged her and ran to find my parents entering the college!!! The watchman had allowed them to enter. I threw my heavy bag somewhere and hugged my mom. I could feel that she was crying and realized that tears were trickling down my cheeks as well. Then hugged my dad. He was overwhelmed. Immediately he called up my brother. He was so happy that he could barely speak apart from congratulations. This is brilliant. Now enjoy...and so on.
This was the most unusual gift that He gave me. Someone’s parents ON the campus at the time of PLACEMENT and on top of that, at the time of announcement of RESULT and again, their child appearing for the first company and getting lucky!!!
Thank God, can never forget that day and your gift of placing me in the first attempt and sending my parents at the right place, at the right time.


  1. cool...not all r so lucky, I had no placements...wel narrated.

  2. BTW, forgot to mention. Chinchu and Sikgurum, two of my best friends also got placed that day itself. It was the Blessed day for all of us.


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