Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I mentioned earlier that my cab comes too early in the morning and that all of us struggle to take a quick nap. But yesterday, none of us slept. Why? In front of us, there was this school bus, in which I saw a kid (must be in 2nd or 3rd standard) looking like a young Harry Potter with similar spectacles. He was reading a NOVEL, mind you, not a textbook, but a novel. My God. When that young I just knew the spelling of novel. I read COMICS... That started us on our journey back to childhood and our time pass. I will just write down few of them. I am sure, those reading this would also go back to their memory lanes and start missing those days badly:

1. Comic books of Chacha Chawdhary, Pinki, Billu, Champak, Motu Patlu, Bankelal. 2. Then some adventurous comic books like Nagaraj, and Super Cammando Dhruv. And there used to come advertisement on radio as well: “Raaj comics paish karte hai Super Cammando Dhruv ka naya karnama- Pralaya.. (James Bond type music)". Moreover, at times, these super heroes would come together in one comic in one story only. That used to be blockbuster hit as if Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan are coming in the same movie.
3. Those limited TV shows for which every Sunday morning we would get up early and arrange our meals and other chores to match them.
4. Starting with Rangoli in the morning, for old songs and just 2-3 new songs towards the end.
5. Then take a bath and get ready for Mahabharat/ Ramayan. Even the starting of Mahabharat is fresh in our minds. Mahaaaaaabharat... and then. "Main Samay hu..."
6. Cartoon shows. Duck Tales, Tales Spin, Donald Duck, Jungle Book, Aladin and so on. Uncle Scrooge, his three nephews and his swimming in his treasure. Ballu- the pilot, Launchpad, Mogli, Radha, Bhalu, Baghira, Alaadin, Jinni...
7. One of our cab mate took onus to remember the jingles of these shows. But of course, no one can forget the jingle of the Jungle Book and my friend took out her mobile, in which she actually had stored the Jungle Book jingle.
8. Then came the EPIC. CHANDRAKANTA, in which no one would die. We would THINK that he/ she is dead but would re-appear out of nowhere. And the most popular- YAKKU...!!!
9. Potli baba ki, Alif Laila.
10. We faintly recalled legendary serials like Hum Log and Nukkad.
11. Today, while talking to my bhabhi, I recalled, Flop Show.

12. Somewhere, I was recalling few songs which were repeated almost daily. Mile sur mera tumhara...,
ek chidiya-anek chadiya...
13. And the famous Doordarshan tone, which can make anyone sleep, but not now.

Phew, these were just the time-pass things. So many old advertisements are still afresh in our minds. But before we could start discussing them, we had reached our office :(

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