Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Observation 2

Here I am with my second observation on my way to and back from Office.
Before I start this post, I must say sorry to all the dog lovers. But I hate dogs. More than that, yes, I admit, I am afraid of dogs. They are so unpredictable. Have learnt since childhood that the men’s best friend is a dog, but that dog is friend with only his owner. I have been in such situations many times where the dog of my host is sniffing me from top to toe, its heavy tail wagging and hitting my legs and the dog is growling at me, while the owner very coolly tells me to relax, “kuch nahi karega”. In my mind only one thought is going round, “kuch kar diya toh kya karogey aap”. So, sorry folks, but I don’t like dogs.
So, the observation that I had made during my cab rides are the dogs- stray and pet dogs. Ever since I have landed in this city, I have read four cases in newspaper and seen one case on television, where the street dogs have injured someone very badly. Bengaluru is famous for its street dogs. While my cab enters a new lane, the lazy sleepy dogs would all of a sudden become alert and chase our cab till we reach the end of “their territory”. But once we become the frequent traveler of that street, they no more care for our cab. Another peculiar thing to notice about dogs is that they each belong to a street. If some other dog of neighboring street dares to enter into another street, the owners of that street would unite and make sure to drag the intruder out of their area, scaring him enough so that he never ever dares to re-enter.
Apart from street dogs, yes, I have also become familiar of few pet dogs. Hard to say whether the human owners are taking their dogs on walk or vice-versa. One dog that I almost daily encounter is a big black German Shephard, high enough to reach just below the waist of its owner. Another dog is the complete black version of the “Vodafone dog”.
Today I decided to count how many dogs do I encounter on my way to office. In total, I counted 93 !!! Only two pet dogs, rest all street dogs. None of them looked lean or thin. And I always thank God that I am inside my cab, safely away from the deadly paws and jaws of these dogs.


  1. 93 in just 45 min i think ..which means har 2 min me ek kutta... bhai saaaaaaaab ...Bengaluru.. shud b renamed to vow vow bengaluru !! :-)

  2. You got few points right here . But at the same time it looks like you are too much afraid of Dogs, if to look at German Shepherd, Labradors (Full grown) they will look killers.
    But loot at the puppies , Pugs ,they looks cute and cant harm anyone .
    So as they say Coin has 2 sides , there is a second side to this coin as well .
    Own a dog to know :-P

  3. "looks...", I confessed that I am afraid of Dogs... puppies may not harm, but when they lick your face, climb and sit on your clean bed.. sorry again, but I cannot entertain this.. And if I go onto "own" a dog, God save me... But nothing against those people who love and own the dogs..


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