Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yesterday when I was coming back home walking from the cyber cafe after office, I looked at a kid with her parents and I thought if I would have been at home with my parents, my life would have been fun and without any tension. This word “IF” stuck in my mind. And then I questioned myself with so many IFs. Jolted down few of them... (Please add IF in front of all of them yourself)
1. I would have been at home with ma-papa.
2. I had free unlimited supply of world’s best chocolate.
3. My height had been 5 feet 8 inches and a better face.
4. I had office only 2 days a week that too with the privilege of working from home.
5. My account always had Rs. 5,00,000 balance (more than that is always welcome and this would have fulfilled most of my “normal” wishes).
6. My laptop would catch unprotected wireless network of my unaware neighbor and the movies would download within half an hour.
7. I had free membership of the best video and book libraries.
8. I was a privileged customer of King-fisher airlines and could travel without any fare being charged all round the world.
9. I could own a nice flat in Dubai and live there with my dear family.
10. I can roam about freely with my friends without any worry of getting married (I mean if the society would not care for all the girls and boys to get married).
11. I would have done my engineering from IIT and MBA from IIM and would have been working in Google (that does not mean that I didn’t love my institutes, they were great and I learnt and gained a lot from them).
12. I could taste the best of food and (non-alcoholic) drinks from all over the world.
13. I had more patience.
14. I could sing in decent voice (thankfully, I can dance now).
15. I knew how to play guitar or flute or for that matter any musical instrument.
By this time, I had already started smiling to myself and then I entered my PG and point # 1 was instantly out and all the others also came trashing. There is another word which normally accompanies IF, that is BUT. Or you can say in Hindi, If is Agar, you prefix it with "M"; that is But in Hindi.
“But” seemed to me like a gate-keeper to hold me from going into my fantasy world. Aaaaah...!!! What will God lose if those 15 wishes of mine (at-least those 15 initially, more are yet in my mind) gets fulfilled?


  1. 1,2,5,6,7,14,15 toh ho hi jayenge ....thoda tym lagega !! and mez tooooo excited about the 14th one.. :-)

  2. Some of them will be fulfilled !! Don Worry !! :-)


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