Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Shock...

Yesterday evening I got the “small” shock of my life (I mean, not that big a shock to ruin my life, but enough to ruin my night). I came back home after office and hurriedly settled myself with my chocolate biscuits to finish off my novel- The Associate, by John Grisham. I bought this novel from Odyssey just like that, while scanning through so many fiction novels in the shop. Since when I bought it, I could find it mentioned in magazines, newspapers, Internet and so many copies displayed in various book-stores. I was feeling very happy to have made the right choice to chose this book, for this is much talked about novel these days.
This is the story of a very young and bright law student, Kyle McAvoy of Yale School of Law. Had nice noble plans to start off his career with the offer from the biggest law firm up his sleeve. But he bumped into FBI agents, who claimed to have known his dark past, of an alleged rape which took place in Kyle’s apartment, by his fraternity brothers, in front of him, though he was too much on booze to realize it, five years back. They knew every bit of his life. Though he was not the one who committed the crime, but he was present on the scene. These “FBI” guys had a deal for him. This deal is talked through one Bennie (or whatever his real name was). You follow our directions or face the trial. All this blackmailing on the basis of a video of that night, which these guys showed to Kyle. He agrees to face the trial. He reads out the first page. Turns to the next. To his shock, all the other pages are blank. There is no trial. These men are not FBI guys. They are thugs, working for “someone”, who has unlimited money, power and manpower. This was the biggest twist I had ever witnessed. Well written, and so engrossing. He is left with no other option but to follow them.
His each breath is being heard, each step is being followed, and each move is being recorded. In his own apartment, he has 3 cameras, mics at various places, the blackmailer’s men can come and go out of his apartment any time, without his knowledge. He is forced to join the biggest law firm, get on to the biggest trial between two companies and pass on the secret information out of his own firm.
He reports to Bennie many times. His life in the law firm is sucking. He finds himself a girlfriend. Then some twists. He decides to get out of this. Involves his father; who is also a well known principled lawyer, his friend, Joe; who is one of the two main culprits, decides to hire a lawyer for himself, confides everything to the real FBI. His father solves the matter with the victim (the girl) so easily (I didn’t expect that, for Kyle was afraid throughout of how this girl will react once she comes to know of the video).
Everything seems to be going good. I was about to find out who was this Bennie. Who was he working for? Where did he mysteriously run away? After telling the truth in his firm, will Kyle be able to pursue normal life or he will be banned for life? Who killed his friend, Baxter, the main culprit? What happened to Joe?
Last 3 pages, excitement to its maximum. My room-mate asked me the story. I hurriedly told her in the briefest possible way (I am sure, she did not understand anything) and went back to reveal the secret.
BUT. The novel came to an abrupt end and I did not get any of the much awaited answers. How is this possible? Did I pick up the pirated copy, with so many pages missing from the original story? Is John about to introduce the second part of this novel like most other movies, I mean, a sequel? Never came to know what happened to that much talked about case, who was Bennie, and who was he working for. This disturbed me for long time. Still can’t forget this.
Wish someone give me the missing answers. The novel is well written till some 25 chapters, at times gets repetitive for the Bennie and Kyle meetings, introduced small but nice twists. Towards the end, the story fastened up the pace. But the end disappointed me. Would have been better with the answers. Anyone interested? I can lend you the “original” copy.

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