Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Half blood prince...

So, what’s new? Nothing. Weekend was pretty uneventful. It’s raining heavily here. Majority of my time went in two activities- sleeping (oh, my dear sleep!!) and reading two novels at a time (wow, see the appetite).
On Sunday night, I was very tired and it was getting late but I fought my sleep (how can I do that??) because I was almost at the climax of one of my novels- Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
Yes, I am a fan of Harry Potter (HP) series- the books and the movies and the game as well. I am far away from the teen-age (yet, I did not reveal my age) but still gets excited like a 5 year old fan of Harry Potter, if at all any topic is touched related to HP. Still remember the only good thing that the CAT exam did to me. I was very upset after the exam (95% of the candidates are always upset appearing for this exam). So, my mum-dad decided to take me to watch the Harry Potter- and the Prisoner of Azkaban in the movie hall (1st and last time that I watched HP movie in hall else always have to settle down with the VCD on my laptop)... who cares about CAT after that...!!!
Hats off to JK Rowling for carving out a completely new world of wizardry and magic – Hogwarts.
For those who are completely unaware of this world, let me give a sneak preview. It is a story about a boy- Harry Potter who lives with his uncle-aunt and their son and they treat him nothing better than a servant. The boy is special because his mum-dad were wizards and they died while saving him from the Dark Lord (Voldemort), considered as the most evil wizard of the world, when he was just 1 year old. Voldemort wanted to kill HP but could not (because he was special). One fine day, the principal (Professor Dumbledore) of this Magic school- Hogwarts decides to enroll HP, and that was the day when he came to know that he too is a wizard. He then sets on his journey in the school, where he is already famous because he fought Voldemort and defeated him at the age of one. A world which stands amongst the “normal” people, yet they cannot see it, it has its own rules and regulations, houses, students, teachers, enemies, friends, subjects, classes, secrets, offices, ministry, strange people, magical animals, sport (Quidditch)... Here anything is possible. You can fly, you can make things fly, you can travel to any street through the fireplace (with the help of magical powder and some abracadabra), you fly on broomsticks and you have self speaking letters. Here Harry meet his friends for life- Hermione Granger (my favorite, because, she is the brightest of all) and Ron Weasley (always terrorized but cute). In all the parts, Harry has to fight the Dark lord (who still wants to kill HP) and somehow comes out unscathed, beating his greatest enemy. Harry and his group reveal some new secret every time.
It is not only the magical words and charms that bind me; it’s the journey that we had witnessed. All the actors started working in the movie as kids and they have also grown with the story, and so had many of us.
Harry Potter is not only about magic but also various emotions. Friendships, hatred, animosity, respect, love for friends and parents, trap, misunderstanding, sorrow and so on. It is about believing in self and what he/she desires.
JK Rowling has succeeded in binding her billions of fans and adding new ones with each new edition. Same applause goes to the directors of the Harry Potter movies for translating the book into motion with such detailing. I actually started watching the movie first and then read the books. By then I had already associated faces with the characters, thanks to the movies. So could easily visualize the scene written. Even though, I already knew what is going to happen in the next chapter but still the fun and suspense was same as encountering the story for the first time.
The writer appealed to her fans not to discuss and reveal the end of the story to anyone after they had read it, for not ruining the fun of other readers. Every time the new part is released, it creates a sort of history of fastest selling novel. The last (6th) part made a record of 15 million copies sold within the first 24 hours of release. The previous record holder is again HP- and the Half Blood prince with 9 million copies sold within first 24 hours.
Waiting to finish off the last novel of the series and still eagerly waiting to watch last two parts of the movie.

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