Friday, May 8, 2009


Let me start with why I chose DREAMZZZ as my blog's title. Because that is the world I live in. Had been living away from my home since 2006 and my room-mates have often commented that I can sit in a corner for hours and hours without anyone noticing me. Don’t I get bored? NO. Because that time I was not just sitting idle, I was in my dreamland. I love to dream, but please don’t make an impression that I am insane and unrealistic. It’s just that I always want to do so many things in this one single small life, which “realistically” is not possible to do. Once, as a kid, I wanted to become a Doctor (although I admit I cannot remember the names of medicines and diseases sparing few common ones like Crocin, Emflam, fever, typhoid, diabetes etc), later wanted to get into armed forces (where people with specs are not entertained, and I unfortunately came in this bracket too early in life), then started watching some Hollywood flicks and reading English fiction novels and was fascinated with the actors playing FBI/CIA agents, so thought of becoming one, and lastly, since I am an Indian, every girl or a boy always carry two dreams- to become an actor/actress or to become a cricketer. So, to become a famous actress was another career option. But hey, I am talking about becoming all these in this life only (since, I don’t believe in re-birth). So, only two options –
1) Actually become an actress and play all these roles in movies, or
2) Just lie down and DREAM....
With a salaried family background, where getting good education, getting married and/or getting into service is the pre-decided path, second option seems most viable.
So, in my very treasured world, I have till date become a very successful doctor, had a very short stint in Air force, had become a CBI agent (could not afford to become an FBI agent even in my dreams) and also a sought after actress (this was the funniest)...
That is my world where only my most cherished friends and family members are welcome. With this, let me also tell you that once I come out of my dream role, I know where I am and what the real world is like. Cheers...


  1. Wonderful !! M wondering where was the artist till now ...A very nicely presented article Miss Nikita!! .... Three Cheers for coming up with this title and another one for disclosing the artist within urself...Keep Blogging !! :-)

  2. Hi Nikita,

    Loooooooong ago I think its been years (Actually you must be thinking this way) you sent a mail asking your first impression...So I thought to write it today. Waise I have wrote before also but didn't post. This time also I am writing but don't know will I post it or not.

    Ok enough, I saw you first at IFCAI fashion show on backstage, you were wearing small cute spectacles & you were looking like a small intelligent, padaku & reserved girl. Later & before also I heard about your intelligence through our common friend Shefali. I always admire your concentration for anything you do. (As I think you do your work with full concentration) You are very good at completing things. Your are good at killing Lizards. And whatever work you are doing is not your aptitude because you are better in writing. Your should be a News writer or Book writer or anything like that.

    Now I don't know you much but one thing I can say is your writing skill is very good & Bill clinton is not very Rich. I can always bet that you would write something popular & meaningful one day with my name on Acknowledgment sheet. The day you do this I request you to send me a copy of that.

    Please don't post this comment or post this after editing it & make it more interesting.

    (All the above is purely fictitional and any resemblance to persons or events is purely coincidental, no animals were hurt in the making of this & the lizard's death was an accident)


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