Monday, May 25, 2009


Hi... Another weekend passed by. This time, I was indeed busy on Friday and Saturday. But Sunday... "My Dear Sleep". And yes, I once again watched Madagascar-2(Escape to Africa). Its an animated movie and I am always ready anytime to watch any animation movie. Few of the good ones that even you can watch are: Madagascar-1 & 2, Wall:E, Surf's up, The Polar Express, Stuart Little- 1 & 2, Kung-fu Panda, Ratatouille, Ice Age-1 & 2, Shrek-1 & 2, Cars. They are so logical. No loose ends of the story. And yes, they actually have a story and teach you a lot in fun way. No vulgarity, and no songs, and can be seen with the family. These are the traits missing in most of the Hollywood and Bollywood movies, or for that matter in any non-animated movie (I don't know what do we call those movies which are not animated).
If we notice, in most of the animation movies, animals or otherwise non-living things are the main protagonists and its not only about making you laugh by looking cute or making strange sounds, they show various emotions. Wall:E is a story about a robot, who falls in love with another robot and how he follows her, takes care of her, even gets hurt (I mean, his wires and motherboard are mishandled), but ultimately rescues her and the mankind.
Madagascar is about four friends, a zebra, lion, giraffe, and a hippo. They are inseparable, and whatever comes their way, they are there for each other. Eventually, giraffe and hippo get married. I wonder, how their kids would be. In Stuart little, a rat has been adopted as a second child by a human couple and provide him with all amenities as their human kid (small versions of bed, brush, chairs, car...). The story of Ramayana and Hanuman is also made in animation form. Its not slow and covers almost all major events and is fun to watch.
Came to know just few days back, while surfing the internet, that the first animated feature film was made way back in the year 1917- The Apostle and since then each year there had been atleast 8-10 animated feature films released in various parts of the world. And I thought, its the recent development.
So, anyone please suggest which one to watch next.....


  1. You missed something good.... Robots, Monster v/s Aliens (2009) and UP (2009, still to watch).

    The UP, movie, has been featured in Cannes Film Festivals this year as an inaugurate.

  2. You have missed something good... Robots (may be 2006/5) and Monster v/a Aliens (2009). Also, UP (2009).

    Up, the movie, has been a inaugurate at Cannes Film Festival this year.

  3. oh yes.. i hav seen Robots.. thanx for UP.. i ll find it out..


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