Friday, May 15, 2009


Yesterday when I was going back to my home in the office cab after a hectic day at office, I was recollecting all the mails received, chatting that I did on gtalk during office time and the calls received in the past few days from my sweet, cherished and most important friends; I incidentally tuned in to 94.3 FM.
Right at that moment it was playing the Rock On song- Sinband-the sailor. Without hurting anyone’s sentiments, I confess that except one song of the movie (ye tumhari meri baatein...), I never liked its songs. And every time this particular song would come on TV or FM, I would flip the channel. But here there was no other option, since this is only channel which plays Hindi songs. So, there comes one slow, out of pace stanza of this song-
“Tum ho toh, gata hai dil,
Tum nahi, toh geet kahaaaa...
Tum ho toh, hai sab hasil,
Tum nahi, toh kya hai yahaaaa...
Tum, ho toh hai, sapno ke jaisa haseen, ek samaaaaaa......”

BANG........ What a situational song!! For the first time, I could understand the lyrics and the depth of these lines. Throughout the rest of my journey, I kept on recollecting all the wonderful moments that I had with my friends and how every time, it was difficult to part with them to move on to the next level of my life.
During school time, never had any friend, they were all just my class-mates. I got the first taste of friendship when I came into the college to do BCA. There I met my first bunch of treasured jewels. We were just 5 girls in our batch and never felt the need for the 6th one (a boy or a girl). Used to call ourselves- The Band of Girls (I know, I sound so silly and stupid, but it was fun). Would come to college even if almost all the classes had been canceled, just to meet each other and have our tiffin in the college canteen (distance from my home to college was 10 kms). Played pranks (originated mostly by me and the victim, the most innocent one of the lot).
PS: Here I declare that in my blog, I would refrain from using name of any person. I hope the person I refer to, always understands it.
After finishing with the graduation, all of them had already started their P.G. courses while I prepared for entrance exams. When it was time to move out, I was so sad to leave them and was skeptical of the new friends that I would make.
There I met two of my room-mates for the first year, who virtually adopted me as their kid. Would take care of me, not let me do any work in our very small kitchen, teach me, would give the first bite to me before taking any of their meals. In short, they spoilt me. We had fun and also cried together. Then we had a small rough patch but, thankfully, everything became normal.
By that time, I had also found 3 more special people in my life (papa-chinchu-sikgurum, these are the code names). We became inseparable. Any problem to anyone, the other could feel the pain and had a solution. Used to feel secure with them. Knew that when I have them by my side, nothing can go wrong. Can’t forget those endless hours munching on my mom’s mathri with pickle and tea, thinking and planning about future, correcting each-other, playing online games for hours and hours (even though had final exam the next day, with practically no preparation), chinchu making me cram the summarized chapters in the early winter morning, on the day of exam while I, lie cozily in the blanket and making occasional sounds to make her feel that I am listening to her, preparing for placement GD/PIs, conspiracies in our PG etc etc. (I can write an entire book on our masti time).
When I had to move on to join the corporate life, could feel the void space in my life without them. It was difficult for all of us to carry on without each other. But we moved on, in search of new friends. I mentioned that in school time, I never had any friend. But thanks to the internet (orkut & gtalk) I have found one of my school mates as other jewel in my treasure. Again, need not mention his name, he is surely reading this blog.
Found few more in Chennai, who know my ups and downs in Chennai and stood by me in my difficult times there and I know will always stand. They were there to make me happy, cheer me up after a tiring day, share my problems and making me feel that everything will be ok.
So, thanks to Sinband-the sailor, to make me go back to the wonderful memories of my extended family. I wish all of you scale new heights and achieve what you desire. Thanks to all my dear friends (I know there is no space of thank you and sorry amongst us) for always being with me, in good and bad times... Love you all. This is straight from the heart. Cheers!!!


  1. hehehe... In college you did your part of masti but I use to think you guys as boring bunch. May be because you do not use interact with much people.

    After reading this post I too feel that everybody has a set of friend at different levels in life. I got them in school, college, office and try to be in touch with all of them.

  2. Ya, we were boring for others but carries unforgettable moments within us...


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