Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gtalk & FWDs..Official Life Lines

Yesterday when I reached home and started reading my novel on the laptop, I wondered whether I saw an orange light blink in the lower right corner of my laptop. But no. Immediately I realized that its the hangover of using Gtalk in office. The day I get just 3-4 forwarded mails, I am deeply hurt. "My friends forgot me...!!!!!!!". These two are our lifelines in the otherwise boring office.
Day in the office starts with signing in for the attendance and then open all the mail IDs I have. Company ID, gmail, rediffmail, and yahoo. Then sign in to gtalk. Day starts on a cheerful note if there are mails and forwards to be read. It looks gloomy if no mails are there. Due to unusual office hours, I reach too early to find anyone online. But after breakfast, all those hi's and hellos welcome me on my seat.
If get any forward, the normal ritual is to read it. If you like it, forward it to your usual group of people or else delete it. But if it is too good to wait to forward it, tell the contents to your friends who are online or bother the one sitting next to you.
If by chance the server is down, and the Internet connection is out, we never bother to call the technical team because I am not getting my boss's mail or for that matter other official mails, but because my GTALK is not working and I can't concentrate on my work. Some companies are very generous to allow gtalk to run on the systems (I am thankful to them), but few are not. Although more than finding out new ways to improve our productivity and company's revenue and business, employees of those unfortunate companies are busy to find out proxies to access gtalk, other personal mail ids, blogs, orkut (the most popular one to be searched), and other social networking sites. Afterall, our parents always preach us that we should be socially active. What say ???
Thank you my dear company that you had atleast not banned these two important Life-lines of your employees. I hope my management is not reading this. How can they allow an employee to be happy?? Long live the inventors of Internet and chat engines.

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