Thursday, September 24, 2009


No, I have seen this movie long back. But this is related to something that I saw while coming back from office today. I am sure by now everyone must have heard about "LOW WAIST" jeans. I have also heard about it and the best part is these days you very rarely can get the high waist (what I call normal waist jeans), so I too have them, or so I thought. Because today I saw yet another teen boy who was wearing the actual low waist. Believe me or not, the moment I saw him (I was walking behind him), the first thought that came to my mind was: "Oh my God, this boy might have lost the button of the jeans and he forgot to put on his belt, its going to be very embarassing for him, should I inform him?". But then I realized, ooops, thats the low waist jeans !!!
I wonder, is it not uncomfortable to keep that thing hooked on to your waist. The back pockets are almost near your knees and the boy looks much shorter than he actually is. But thats the fashion, dude (another slang). And the same boy appears in formal attire, he becomes a man. But another point here. In this office of mine only, I have seen a man wearing a "low waist formal trouser". He thought he is looking so cool, but I started hating him from that day, for his dressing sense.
My friend once told me a saying: "Eat what you like, wear what others like". Be presentable please. Low waist is ok, but not so low that the other person is worried if he/she is going to witness an embarrasing moment any time now. And please, no low waist in formal trousers atleast.
* Thats just my point of view. I may be tagged as backward or conservative is this respect. Whatever.


  1. From...low waist jeans to low waist sarees, after-all co's are on cost cutting mode ;-)


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