Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happening Week- Part 2

Day 2. Somehow managed to get up early (verrry early) in the morning (4 am) to catch the flight to Agartala. This time there was another British family of 5 members- Husband-wife and 3 kids. Kids were cute and the parents handling them so nicely. Anyways, this time did not bother much and caught my “dear sleep”. Layover of 30 minutes at Kolkatta and I thought, now the flight may not be much crowded. But I was wrong. The flight was again full with passengers travelling to Agartala. The moment I stepped out of the flight, I could sense that yes, I am far away from my South India or even the West India and the “dulhe raja” (Babla- his pet name) himself had come to pick me up. He dropped me to his fiancĂ©'s home... I met her after 1 year and 11 months. Unfortunately, Babla was not allowed to enter into the house. Something was different about the house. May be Agartala touch. Met her parents, freshened up and had lunch, specially prepared chapaati for me. Got a beautiful saree from her mother (Babla also gifted me a suit and Chinchu's mom gave another saree for my I could clearly see how tensed Chinchu (Mitun- her pet name) was. Went in to see her dahej. So many bangles but interestingly, not in pair. Only two mandatory types of bangles were in pair, which are meant to be worn by each married Bengali lady- 1 red bangle pair and another white bangle pair (made out of elephant tusks).
Throughout the day, were so many ceremonies, thanks to which Chinchu was dead tired by the end of day because of regular change of sarees and lack of sleep. Most of the ladies did not know Hindi or English but men and children could easily talk to me. But still, everyone was trying to talk to me and making me feel comfortable. For some time even went to Babla's home.
One unique feature of Bengali ritual. Whenever ladies would give blessings or some auspicious task is being done, all the ladies would make a sound from their mouth, called Jokaar. Had seen that in movies, but when I saw this the first time, I was, frankly speaking, scared. But after witnessing this 2-3 times, I got used to it.
I managed to eat rice very neatly with my hands, though the speed was drastically slower than the others, but I did not back off. Thats the spirit. Ha ha ha...Chinchu's cousins made arrangements for dance party in the night and yes, even I danced and my “snake dance” was already made popular there, so showed off my skills to them.
Then came the wedding day (Day 3). I was made to accompany Chinchu for her make-up and dressing up and when the final product came out, I was awestruck. My Chinchu had turned into a beautiful Bengali BRIDE... Finally Babla had arrived and hard to imagine, but he was looking awesome Bengali GROOM, and yes, trying to act as if he is shying. He was made to sit in another room, where I also joined him, and people would peek into his room, as if he is an object in a museum. Whereas, everyone went in to congratulate Chinchu where she was sitting and was loaded with gifts. After a brief puja, Babla was made to go through few more minutes of embarrassment. He was made to sit in a cage-like structure and the entire gathering surrounded him, as if he is a resident of zoo (sorry Babla, but thats what I could relate this with). Then came The Bride and she was made to encircle him some 7 times, while he kept sitting there and the exchange of garlands took place. Another 2 hours of puja and then they were Man-and-Wife- officially and finally. Then some games and then the dinner.
Next morning, I met them and left Mrs and Mr Chakraborty, for my South India. Slept like anything throughout the journey and at Delhi airport my dear in-laws were already waiting for me. Somehow managed to look alive and active in front of them and had nice lunch and chit-chat session with them. At Bangalore was picked up and dropped at home by dearest....ha ha must know by now :)
Now eagerly waiting for the wedding photos and wish all the happiness of the world to the newly married couple. Muuaaaahhhhh....CHEERS !!!!!!!

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